Monday, September 29, 2014


Normally something like you know, having floors wouldn't excite me all that much but oh my goodness the day I walked into my bedroom and saw the hardwood floors were halfway done....I nearly squealed with joy!

Do you remember where we started?

With gross-looking, I've definitely seen better days carpet.

When I saw my bedroom was halfway done with flooring on Friday, this is what it looked like:


A million times better right?! That was only the halfway process. After taking these pictures I moved all my items that were sitting in the undone space over to the side of my bedroom that was already finished. This way I didn't have to worry about the workers breaking any of my things and I could see where all my stuff was being moved to.

We are getting closer and closer to moving in which means that I am closer every day to sharing my finished bedroom. I am bursting with ideas for this space and I can't wait to get started! =)

Have a great Monday everybody!

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