Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Moving Is Hard.

Things don’t always go as we intend them to, do they?

Well this move has been quite the process. Currently everything of mine is packed up and either at our new house, in storage or with me here at the rental (where I’m currently writing this post-to be published when I have access to internet)

It’s extremely frustrating to be an organized person and be unable to get to things as you need them because they are boxed up in a different location. It’s also extremely frustrating to live in an unorganized persons world. My dad doesn’t value organization like I do and it’s difficult for me to be unable to have my systems in place currently. However, it’s something I have to adjust to for the time being. 

Leaving our old house was hard. Really hard.

This is the house I’ve lived in for eleven years. 

Sure I left to go to college and didn’t live there for some of the time….but it was always my home.

The funny thing about home is- it’s not based on how long you’ve lived there. It’s about where your family is. 

Because without us there- a living room is just an empty living room.

Without my clothes hanging there- a closet is just a closet.

Without us, the house we lived in is just empty

My bedazzled key has a new owner now.

And after a ton of car loads- everything I own is no longer located in the house I lived in for eleven years.

We are still completely in the process of moving. We are in a rental house for a few weeks and then will be moving into our new home. My personal items are EVERYWHERE. There is a ton of organization to be done in the future and I am so excited about the possibility of new organization systems and making my space beautiful and functional.

I have so many ideas for posts and cannot wait to share everything with you- but I am sorry if my posts are sporadic while I have limited internet access!

Have a great day! 

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  1. I can only imagine the organization you have planned for the new place!!!