Friday, September 12, 2014

Progress On The Fixer-Upper!

On Wednesday I shared some pictures of the fixer-upper house we're moving into next week. As I explained in this post there's a ton to be done inside and out and quite a few of them need to be done before we move into the house. 

Earlier this week I took a few pictures of the work being done so I can keep you updated!

When you first enter the house this room looks pretty much the same. The wall hasn't been knocked down yet and the kitchen renovation isn't at the top of our list right now. It will be done eventually but not yet.

After walking down the hall to my parents bedroom there was a huge change...

What used to be two rooms is now one! They knocked down the wall between two rooms to create a larger master bedroom. They will also be adding a master bathroom and nice sized closets soon.

There were four upstairs bedrooms, all carpeted and now there are two bedrooms and the carpets have been torn out. The closets also are looking much bigger then the small one that you can still see on both sides of the room.

You can also see that the carpet has been torn off the stairs, hardwood will be replacing it this week.

No more pool! The pool is gone... amazing!

I know you want to see some before and afters right? right!


There are so many changes to be made to this property still and I will keep you updated on everything  that happens.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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