Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Project 365: Week 37

I'm here with a belated Project 365. Life has been crazy and will only become crazier in the days to come! There is so much going on and I will definitely keep you updated with all of it!

Day 255 Last Thursday was 9/11 and I had to post this picture as my picture of the day- Never Forget.

Day 256 An empty closet! Moving time!

Day 257 Moving to a new house with empty spaces everywhere! It's so weird to be moving.

Day 258 This was the last Patriots game I will ever watch at the old house. I love my Patriots and love sitting down to watch the game every week!

Day 259. I needed some chocolate at the end of the day so I picked up a couple of bags of Halloween kitkats which are so delicious! I spent my blogging time pigging out on kitkats! =)

Day 260. Let there be plaster!

Day 261. My friend Kaitlin brought me some whoopee pies at work and it was so nice of her! Everyone went nuts over these yummy treats!

Hopefully this weeks Project 365 will go up on time- sorry again for my sporadic internet access!

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