Friday, September 26, 2014

Project 365: Week 38

Day 262. My room was starting to look real empty at the old house and I was feeling a little sad on my mattress on the floor! This was one of our last days at that house.

Day 263, on Friday after work I took a nice long walk down Charlestown Beach (both the town and breachway side). It was absolutely gorgeous- a little chilly at first but we warmed right up after we got moving. 

Day 264 was my last day in the old house and it was a pretty sad day. When I handed over my sparkly key I was feeling pretty bad for myself!

When I saw the gorgeous sunset at the rental house I felt a little bit better!

Day 265 I went to the Dance Masters teacher rejuvenation with my good friend Doreen. We had a great time learning from some amazing teachers and even visited Doreen's daughter Jess on our way home which was fun!

Day 266. This sweet little girl on our rental house couch. Nothing is sweeter then coming home to this little girl at the end of a long day!

Day 267. This was the first day of favorite season!

Day 268. Are any of you surprised that this was my light reading before bed the other night?! I only read a little bit of it, but I was eyeing this magazine in the store for a few days before I caved and bought it. =)

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