Sunday, October 19, 2014

An Almost Finished Bedroom!

I spent almost the entirety of this weekend working on my bedroom.

I truly believe that if your bedroom is organized and tidy you will be able to relax when you enter it. My decorating style is a serene, beach feel which is what I went for in my old bedroom and I wanted to continue that style in this bedroom as well. 

My room is not finished as of the moment. I still have to hang everything up on the walls and have a shelving unit to take out of storage and set up but I wanted to share with you everything I have done.

My nightstand is set up and proudly displaying some fabulous smelling candles and beautiful flowers from Brittni and Stephen's wedding!

I love relaxing in my bed and am still loving my comforter from Chaps (via Kohls)

My desk is almost set up but I have a few more things to finish up.

My jewelry armoire is organized and ready to go. I added a few fall decorations on top of it for the season.

I'm obsessed with my closet! The shelves hold all my shoes and also bins that hide accessories. I splurged on new bins from Michael Graves (via JCPenny's) so everything would match inside my closet.

I have two hanging racks. One higher up that holds dresses and a lower rack for shirts and jackets. Of course everything is in order based on sleeve length and then color coordinated.

Now for some unfinished areas...

Since my white shelving unit is still in storage the baskets that normally sit inside it are just hanging out on the floor for the time being.

I purchased a new teal full length mirror which will get hung on the back of my door soon.

But my shelving area is looking pretty good huh?!

My bookcase is full decorated, but just a little hidden behind all the baskets.

My dresser is located in the other side of my closet along with my scrapbooking cart.

I'm loving my stockpile closet but it needs a little more love.

I also can't wait to hook up all my electronics and hide all the cord clutter!

Finally, my bathroom needs to be updated- but I added some flowers to the sink area and it looks much nicer!

I will keep you updated as I continue working! =)

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