Monday, October 27, 2014

My First Massage (Ever!)

Last week I was experiencing some serious shoulder/neck tension and thought that I would schedule myself a massage. I've never had a massage before but so many people rave about getting massages that I thought it would be a fun, relaxing time.

I chose Massage Envy in East Greenwich because of its cheap introductory massage rate of $49.99. I was able to book an hour long massage with just an online questionnaire and a quick phone call.

When I arrived at Massage Envy I was given a clipboard with a few papers to fill out regarding my medical history and massage preferences. It was quick and easy to fill out and a member of the staff came to sit with me as soon as I had finished. She asked me questions about where I was feeling discomfort and about my job and daily lifestyle.

After a quick chat she brought me to the restroom and then to the Tranquility Room which was a dimly lit room with soft music and a few hydrating water choices. I sat for a minute or two and then my massage therapist came in to greet me. My massage therapist, Melissa (what a great name- JK!), led me to the room where my massage would be taking place. Since on my questionnaire I had indicated that this was my first massage ever she explained to me exactly how the massage would work. She laid out a game plan for this massage and then left the room so I could get situated on the massage table.

I thought I would be more relaxed during the massage then I actually was. I tried focusing on the soft music but I kept thinking of things I needed to add to my to-do list. I had a hard time physically relaxing my body as well to which Melissa kept telling me "If I need your help I'll ask you!"

Once the massage was over, Melissa met with me and discussed her recommendations. She recommended that I start taking a yoga class because I need to learn to relax =) She also recommended massages that strictly focus on my upper back and shoulder region because she found several trigger points during the massage.

I did not book any future massages, not because I didn't enjoy it but because I'm just not sure if massages are for me. I enjoyed certain parts of the massage- particularly the scalp massage part- but I don't necessarily think it's worth the money to continue going. I would much rather take the money I would spend on a massage and use it elsewhere.

Have you ever gotten a massage? Did you like it?

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