Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Functional and Pretty Bookshelf Nook

If you don't remember my room was originally two rooms when we started renovating the house. There is a small nook in my room, just big enough for my little bookshelf which I styled in my typical beachy look. I also included a few new pieces of decor so I thought I would share how I organize my bookshelf and show you what I've used to decorate it. 

On the top shelf I keep my sand jar which holds sand from multiple beaches on two continents. I love the idea of bringing back a free souvenir from each trip I go on.
I also have a small container with rocks from the Mediterranean Sea, a plastic champagne glass that says "MOH" from Rachel's wedding, a teal candle, two frames, and a lantern from Ikea.

The first actual shelf of books holds a variety of novels. I have most of the Nicholas Sparks books, some Jodi Picoult, Lauren Conrad, and Kiera Cass on this shelf.
I also have a few shells and a starfish which came out of a wedding centerpiece. I bought the glass wave from a local glass artisan, and then the beach-y sign at a local shop.

My second shelf holds mostly paperbacks. I keep a cute candle I received as a gift and a few shells on this shelf as well. These shells were picked off the beach in Florida!
The bottom shelf holds my Twilight and Harry Potter books, along with two frames, and a beach chair candle holder which I love!

Next to my bookshelf I have all the magazines I haven't read yet in this pretty bin that I found at TJmaxx. 

Someday I will have a library in my house to store all my books- but for now this bookshelf will do!

Do you have a huge book collection? Where do you store your books?

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