Monday, November 3, 2014

Card Organizers, Wall Organizers, and Shell Jars... Oh My!

I made a few improvements over the weekend to the organization in my bedroom. It was so rainy this weekend that I spent the majority of time working on getting things organized. I think my living space will always be a work in progress =)

First ump organizing all my greeting cards. Previously my greeting cards were organized like this:

It wasn't the best organization in the world but it worked for awhile until I purchased so many cards that they couldn't fit inside anymore. Plus it wasn't the sturdiest organization tool.

I've been eyeing this baby for awhile on Amazon:

Isn't it beautiful?! This is the IRIS Greeting Card Organizer which you can find here.

I will be labeling each section soon but I want to see what makes sense to keep in each section before I get it labeled. 

Next up: Shells.

I love picking up various shells when I walk on the beach and always take home a ton of treasures. The problem was it was getting out of hand.

I purchased this huge vase from the Christmas Tree Shop and thought it would fit my shells perfectly. It would still allow me to display them nicely but they would no longer be taking up an extreme amount of shelf space.

I mean it was getting a little out of hand. I gathered all my shell jars together and carefully dumped them into the new vase.

And voila!

Simple, beautiful and a lot less shelf space being used!

Last but not least the first thing to get hung on the wall is my Martha Stewart wall organizer.

I will be organizing ingoing and outgoing papers inside this container. There will be some definite improvements by using this to organize my "current" paperwork. 

What have you been doing around your house to organize and decorate?

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