Monday, November 24, 2014

Martha Stewart Wall Organizer

I have always been an office supplies girl.

I was the one begging my mom to let me pick out my new backpack and notebooks as soon as school ended in June. I would make labels for all my notebooks and have everything set up in my backpack months before school started. Yes, I was a little nerd...and no things haven't changed much since then.

When I saw the Martha Stewart Wall Organizer in Staples I knew it was love at first sight. I had so many ideas of what I could use it for and waited until moving into my new bedroom to set up this masterpiece.

This little organizer has brought so much organizational joy into my desk area! I have two sections in this baby.  "TO DO" and "TO FILE"

I took about two weeks to figure out what my labels would be- I wanted them to be simple but I wasn't sure what they should be. I waited to see what I needed to clear off my desk and put into them and came up with simple categories.

I made the labels with my Brother labelmaker and put a piece of washi tape on the bins before sticking the label on top to give it a bit more color and allow the labels to stand out.

TO DO is anything that needs to be completed. This is where I put bills to be paid, surveys to complete, and information that I need to physically do something with. I wanted to keep all current tasks nearby for completion.

TO FILE is self-explanatory, it is any papers that need to be filed. I throw receipts in here as I bring them home throughout the week, bills that have been paid but need to be placed in my filing system, and anything else of the sort.

It's a simple, easy system that I can manage on a day to day basis. It keeps paperwork handy but off my precious desk space.

The Martha Stewart organizer is great because there are so many different ways you can use it. I have a small pinboard that I also usually have pinned behind my desk. I like to keep things like recent photos, save the dates, and other important papers I want to see in front of me on it. For the purpose of this blog I put it on the floor so you can see how it works.

The wall organizer itself is just a simple piece of plastic that gets placed on your wall. It has places for the front part to clip into place. This way you can hang the organizers in multiple places in your house and just switch out the fronts as needed.

The wall organizer itself has a level built in and it also comes with hardware to hook it onto the wall, but I've found that the command strips that have velcro on them work just as well and keep the organizers on the wall without a problem!

Here is what the back of the pinboard looks like- you can see how it hooks right into the back.

So there you have Marth Stewart Wall Organizers! This post was not sponsored by Martha Stewart and all of these products were purchased with my own money, it is simply just a product that I love!

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