Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November Birchbox Review

This month's Birchbox had a quick turnaround here! I was excited to try all of the products out the moment I received them so I have already given them a weeks worth of tries (or a lifetimes worth of tries- depending on how you look at it for some of the items) So here we go with quick reviews of each item I received in my November Birchbox!

This Make makeup remover works well- clearing all the eye makeup off my eyelids and eyelashes. My only complaint about it is that it's extremely oily! I love my Sephora eye makeup remover and use that one regularly and this one was just full of oil in comparison. I will definitely finish this container- but will be using up my Sephora eye makeup remover first and use this one as a backup.

The Hello shampoo and conditioner smelled fantastic. I loved the citrus scent and really enjoyed using them. Although I can't say they did anything miraculous to my hair- I also can't say they did anything bad to it either. I liked these enough and would definitely use them in the future if they were available to me!

Mirenesse mascara definitely curls my lashes like no mascara I've ever used before. It does get slightly clumpy but other then that it's a fantastic mascara! I have to say it passes my dry test since I only like mascaras that are very dry and don't smear all over the place. I would repurchase this if I had the chance.

I like this Not Soap Radio shower gel. It's citrus scented and fresh, and overall I felt like I was getting clean while I used it. It's not my favorite scent of all time but I will finish the bottle and would use it in the future, I just wouldn't pick this scent over a lot of other scents that are out there.

I'm not a dark chocolate person. At all. However, this chuaco chocolate bar was filled with pop rocks and for some reason that made the chocolate bar amazing! It was so cool to eat chocolate with pop rocks inside and I would eat this again for sure. If you haven't tasted one- you should get on it!

What products have you used lately? What did you love? What did you hate?

Have a great day!

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