Friday, November 28, 2014

Weekly Couponing Wrapup

Happy Friday! I know today is Black Friday and many of you are probably out shopping all the major deals, or perhaps you're already home ready to relax after a night of shopping. I am definitely not a Black Friday shopper, I much prefer to stay home in my pajamas relaxing.

I did Black Friday once and ended up spending the night on a sidewalk outside of Best Buy and got ear infections in both ears, so never again. At least not until I forget that horrific experience!

So anyways, earlier this week I did some CVS shopping for all their freebie deals.

Laura and I headed around the store with the CVS weekly ad and found all the freebie items.

My receipt was taller then me! It was a crazy shopping trip!

We went to two CVS stores... Here's how it breaks down.

White Chocolate Kitkat @ 79 cents
Twix @ 79 cents
CVS Pantyliners @ 99 cents
Combo Pretzels @ $1.50
Kraft Mac and Cheese @ 99 cents
5 Gum @ $1
Green Giant Green Beans @ 99 cents
Starbucks Drink @ $1.50
Vitamin Water @ $1.50
Advil @ 99 cents
Total Home Detergent @ $1.79
CVS Wipes @ 99 cents
Colgate Optic Toothpaste @ $2.99
Sweedish Fish @ $1.50
Stride Gum @ $1.29
Robitussin @ $1.49

Local Newspaper $1.75

Total cost if I had paid out of pocket: $22.84

I used $11.98 in extra care bucks. I also used a $5 off $15 coupon, for a total of $16.98.

Including tax I paid $6.65. Then I received $18.10 back in ECBs!

Next, I went to a different CVS and did a second transaction since some of the deals could be repeated.

Kit Kat @ 79 cents
Green Giant Corn @ 99 cents
Robitussin @ $1.49

I used $3.27 in ECBs to pay for these items. I paid 10 cents in tax and received $3.27 back in ECBs for my next transaction!

Now For This Weekends Deals!

-NYX lip product @ $3.88, get a $3 ECB back! (Amazing Deal!)
-Softsoap $1.88, get $1 ECB back
-Gum Supreme Toothbrush 2 pack $2, get $2 ECB back
-Colgate Max 6oz $2.99, get $2.49 ECB back
-Speed Stick or Ladys Speedstick $2.88, get $2 ECB back
-Viva Papertowels $1.99, get $1.99 ECB back
-CVS Batteries $4.19, get $4.19 ECB back
-Hershey Bar 79 cents, get 79 cents ECB back
-Orbit Gum $1, get $1 ECB back

I am excited to get out there and grab these freebies this weekend! What deals did you do this week? Are you a Black Friday shopper?

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