Monday, November 17, 2014

Ya Better Catch Up!

Sometimes you need to take a weekend for yourself. Not make any plans and just spend some time around the house catching up on anything and everything. That is exactly what I decided to do with this weekend!

Now that I'm working regular human being hours in my new job it makes it hard to stay caught up with regular organizing and cleaning along with the thousands of other tasks that I'm trying to keep up with on any given day. Weekends always seem to be jam-packed with events to attend and things to do so I decided that I wouldn't make any plans for this past weekend- at all.

Instead, I made a list. It wasn't a long list but one that included quite a few tasks that needed to be completed.

The first thing I did was clean out my purse. I always end up with tons of receipts to enter into my spending log, random bits of paper, and of course change. I took my dollar bills and started a new $1 fund and dropped the change into my counting change jar. I also pulled out my sunglasses because they were beginning to feel broken from being tossed in and out of my purse daily. I traded them out for a new pair (I never spend much on them- $5 or less- so I don't feel guilty about just throwing them in my bag!)

I sorted everything out on my bed. A box of Christmas presents, a paycheck stub, coupons, things to be recycled, things to be shredded, couponing items to be put away, more coupons, samples, etc...

Then I went through and put everything away and recycled what needed to be recycled.

I had a ton of coupons to clip thanks to my friend Melinda who gave me a huge bag of coupons that she had been collecting for me! I had a ton of work ahead of me and it took me the better half of Saturday to get them all clipped and sorted into my binder.

I also had a ton of laundry to do (including sheets and towels). While I waited for my sheets to finish I laid all my clothes out in categories on my mattress pad so it made putting them away easier and more organized.

I also cleaned out my frog tank, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, dusted, paid a few bills, organized my shutterfly prints, and took out the trash and recycling. It was an extremely productive weekend!

I even managed to get working on my scrapbooks for a little bit on Saturday. I am going to jump on the bandwagon that Samantha at Simply Organized is on called "One Day I'm Going To Get More Organized" and my scrapbooks are definitely part of that project which I will be talking about more in  the coming weeks!

How was your weekend?

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