Monday, December 1, 2014

Fall Empties

I think that this is the smallest batch of empties I have had since I started empties posts! I think it may be due to the fact that I finished up the majority of the almost-empty bottles I had before I moved. Then while moving I wasn't as focused as I usually am at finishing up products entirely. Nevertheless, I did finish up a few things and I want to share mini reviews of each one with you!

Let's start with some candles...

Yankee Candle Tranquil Beach- This was a great beachy candle. I needed to hold onto summer just a little bit longer and I really enjoyed burning this one. I would definitely purchase this candle again.

BBW Leaves- This is my all-time favorite fall candle and I burn this every single year without fail. I have these stocked up and am sure I will burn them throughout the winter too because the scent is warm and cozy and just makes you feel relaxed!

BBW Mango Dragonfruit- I had never purchased this candle before but it was a great purchase! I enjoyed every second of this candle- it was an extremely fruity scent that reminded me of summer every second it burned in my room. I would purchase it again without a second thought.

Cupcake- This candle was given to me as part of my birthday present from my parents. I really enjoyed burning it because it smelt just like a vanilla cupcake. Vanilla is one of my favorite food scents and it seemed to last a long time for such a little candle.

BBW Warm Caramel Cider- This was another birthday gift given to me by my brothers girlfriend. I was surprised by how much I really did enjoy this candle. It was a warming, fall scent that had me wishing I had another candle of this scent to burn right afterwards! I think I can officially call this my second favorite fall candle.

I finished up a few hair products...

Clear Hair Shampoo and Conditioner- This is my all time favorite shampoo and conditioner. It keeps my hair hydrated and also works wonders on my scalp. I find that my scalp gets really dry as the weather cools off and I love that this shampoo and conditioner works on my scalp as well as my hair.

Oscar Blandi Heat Protectant- I love love love this heat protectant. I can't help but give you a rave review of it because it is amazing. Most heat protectants are so wet that you can just hear your hair frying as you straighten it, but this protectant is a light mist and has an aerosol quality to it so you feel that it's protecting without soaking your hair. I was so upset when I was unable to find it in Target after finishing the container- but no fear I found it in Kohls! =)

Pantene Dry Shampoo- This was an okay dry shampoo. The nozzle got all clogged up and won't open back up no matter how hard I try which is a little frustrating. I have so many other dry shampoos to try that I wouldn't purchase this unless I can't find another that I like better. It just seems mediocre to me and I hope to find a better dry shampoo.

It's A 10 Miracle Leave In Treatment- I received this in a Birchbox and really enjoyed it! I would spray it in my hair after getting out of the shower and I think it did great things for my hair. I'm not running out to buy another right away, but I may have to purchase it again in the future.

Hello Shampoo and Conditioner- Another Birchbox sample- this duo was great but I don't feel I could give it a good review since I only was able to use it once. If only the bottles were a little bit bigger it might have lasted longer with my thick hair! The scent was great and so was the product itself- I would definitely give it another go.

Garnier Fructis Smoothing Serum- I've had this product forever because I used to swear by it. It is nice to use on your hair in extremely small doses. It smooths down any fly-aways and makes sure that your hair isn't going too crazy. Just don't use too much in your hair or it will look extremely oily.

I finished up a few lotions, including some small samples.

Mangiacotti Ocean Lotion- This is my favorite beachy lotion. It is a little pricey but I really enjoy the scent and it is definitely a soothing lotion. I haven't tried the other Mangiacotti products but all the ocean products must be incredible because the smell is great!

BBW Sleep Lotion- I used this lotion primarily if I was already in bed and needed some lotion. The lavender scent is heavenly and reminds me a lot of my grandma so it's very soothing to me. I will definitely repurchase this in the future.

Tocca Lotion- This was a very nice sample and although there are a lot of lotions I would chose before this one- I did really enjoy it.

Eucerin Lotion- I love Eucerin lotions they are incredible. It is such a simple lotion that always works great. I also enjoy that they have lotion for different skin types. Whenever they have samples available I almost always chose ones that are for dry skin or very dry skin. I think it's great that they offer a variety of lotion for various skin types- because not everyones needs are the same!

Weleda Lotion- This lotion smelt horrible. It was just a poor smelling lotion- I imagine it is probably supposed to be all natural but I am not a fan at all and would never purchase it or use a sample of it again.

Dial Lotion- I liked this sample. Dial makes a very smooth lotion that works well all over the body. I enjoyed this and would definitely purchase this from the drugstore if I got a great deal on it.

Dial Yogurt Lotion- I do not like yogurt, but man was this lotion incredible. I would 100% buy this in store because it not only smelt incredible but my skin felt great after I apply it. I cannot recommend this lotion enough!

In the shower I used...

Herbal Essence Honey I Smell Good- I'm glad to be finished with this shower gel. I did like it and had nothing against it. It smelt good and definitely left me feeling clean, but I wouldn't repurchase it. There are just other scents that I prefer to this one.

Herbal Essence Body Burst- I really liked this shower gel. The formula was great- lathering up really well and making me feel clean. The scent was awesome as well, I really enjoyed it and would definitely purchase this in the future.

Philosophy Sweet Fluffy Cupcake- I received a huge container of shower gel samples last Christmas and am slowly working my way through them. This was a great smelling shower gel and I would definitely use a full size of it in the future.

Philosophy Pink Almond Candy- I liked this shower gel but didn't enjoy the scent as much as other scents I've tried. I wouldn't repurchase this in full size in this particular scent but it was a great shower gel.

100% Pure Gingerade- I know I've reviewed this shower gel before in a Birchbox post, but I hated it. I wanted to like it- I really did- but I did not enjoy the scent or the formula. I would not purchase this- but would be interested in trying other 100% Pure products- because I know I've loved their lotion!

Some dental items..

Crest Pro Health- I love this mouth wash! It works great and makes your mouth feel really clean. I like to use this before brushing my teeth so I feel like everything is getting clean in my mouth before I even brush my teeth.

Sensodyne Toothpaste- My favorite toothpaste. This is an old favorite and prevents my canker sores- gotta love it.

I don't think I'll be saving dental empties for review anymore since it seems to be the same items every time and I don't want to bore you! If I use something new I will definitely show you but from now on just assume I'm using these!

Now for my chapstick count....

Burts Bees- I like to save my Burts Bees because even though I know that's basically all I use on my lips I like to know how many I am going through each season. This fall? 11.

Some face products and perfume up next...

Loreal Eye Defense- I used this as my eye cream throughout the fall (and before that as well) and thought it was very lightweight. I didn't notice a significant difference in the dark circles under my eyes though and would like to find an eye product that would help with that. So I will be looking for something to help me with that next time.

Neutrogena Moisturizer- I enjoyed this moisturizer a lot. It was lightweight on my skin and didn't cause any breakouts. I want to try a new product this time- and just currently purchased something to try, but this will definitely be something I use again the future.

Hello Perfume- I liked this perfume a lot and previously reviewed it in a Birchbox post. I wouldn't purchase it in the future simply because I am trying to work my way through a ton of other perfumes (I have a slight purchasing problem) but I enjoyed it a lot!

Maybelline Dream Liquid Foundation- I have owned this foundation for far too long so it was time to let it go (sung in my best Elsa voice). I have since purchased a new foundation to try that is not quite as dark as this one which I think will work a lot better on my skin. This foundation was a little bit too dark for me but I did love the coverage. I don't use foundation every day so it lasted me far too long and I couldn't justify holding on to it anymore- too gross!

And there's always some random items...

Aloha Orchid Hand Soap- I love hand soap that reminds me of summer and this one sure did! I would repurchase this again if the Hawaii line becomes permanent at Bath and Body Works. I am currently working through a huge collection of hand soaps however- so I do not need to purchase any more for a very long time. So please, if you see me with more hand soaps in my hands at Bath and Body Works- smack them out of my hands and yell at me. Thank you very much.

Method Bathroom Cleaner- I loved this bathroom cleaner. The idea of Method products is so appealing to me because they don't use all those harmful chemicals that so many other companies use. I will be repurchasing this once I finish the bathroom products I have in my stockpile. My only complaint is I wish it came in different scents. Although it's not a coupon-friendly product I still prefer it to a lot of other products!

Edge Shave Gel- I am not picky when it comes to shave gel so when I received this mens shaving cream for free from couponing I thought I would give it a try. It definitely smelt like a mens product but I would use it again if I got it for free.

What products have you used up lately?

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