Monday, December 22, 2014

My Shelving Unit Basket Storage

Remember when I showed you my knock-off Ikea Expedit Shelving Unit? 

I bought a similar version from Walmart's Better Homes and Gardens line for a lot cheaper then the Ikea version costs and then I purchased Ikea baskets to slide nicely inside each section. 

In my old bedroom I had a lot more space- in this bedroom I have to stand the unit up tall- which isn't bad although now I have less space to hold my tv and dvd player- but besides that it wasn't too bad!

I get a lot of storage out of these baskets- so I thought I would share how I've used them...

I store all my medicine in one. Along with heating pads- this comes in handy when I need to grab allergy medicine in a pinch.

I keep all my "tools" in one basket. Tape measures, hot glue guns, paint brushes, etc are all stored in this basket. I get a ton of free tools from Harbor Freight so I like to keep them handy.

I keep a basket full of extra gifts. These are great in case you need a gift for someone quickly or need something little to throw in a gift bag. I have been buying small items for years and throwing them together and have created a nice little section to keep everything in!

The bottom basket holds my paint, hardware and mod podge. A strange collection of items I know!

I usually do my hair at my desk since I can sit at it almost like a vanity, so all my hair tools are conveniently located in the closest basket.

I keep the majority of my cleaning supplies in one of the top baskets. I love having wipes, cleaners and rags handy!

Extra office supplies that I buy on sale stay in one of the bottom baskets. Anytime I see office supplies on clearance or get them for free through couponing I toss them in here so I can replenish my stash!

I also keep a basket as neat as possible holding all my batteries and cords. I try to keep apple cords in one section and all other cords in the other. It makes them easy to find!

I get a ton of storage in this unit! Do you have something similar? What do you store inside? Do you have it standing tall like mine or how I used to have it?

Have a great Monday everybody!

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