Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kitchen Reno!

When we first moved into our current home- everything was a complete disaster. It was a fixer-upper in practically every room. The kitchen was manageable but something that was placed on the "to update" list.

Here are some before...

Ugly cabinets, old appliances and laminate countertops- all things that needed to be updated.

Over the course of December appliances arrived, cabinets were ripped out, and countertops were replaced. Heres the almost finished kitchen.

Even with the low-quality cell phone pictures I'm sure you can see a huge difference. Replacing the laminate countertops with granite made the whole room look clean and refreshed. The new stainless steel appliances look richer then the old white ones and the new cabinets are gorgeous. 

The floor still needs to be replaced which will happen in the spring-but it's looking great so far!

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