Monday, January 5, 2015

Project Life

I have struggled with the decision of what to do about my scrapbooking hobby for quite some time now. I have gone back and forth because while I absolutely love the creativity of scrapbooking- the time it takes is something I have not been enjoying. As of January 1st I was officially two years behind with my scrapbooking- 2013 and 2014- two years of scrapbooking to do. I also at some point would like to scrapbook everything from 2008 and earlier that I have in simple photo albums. I also would like to be caught up and scrapbook as I go.

Enter Project Life.

If you haven't heard of Project Life it's a simplified version of scrapbooking where you slip photos and memories into slots (scrapbooking when you have time) and easy to maintain. So I went out on New Years Day to Michaels and purchased my supplies.

I purchased a Project Life Starter kit...

A Project Life Album..

And of course Project Life scrapbooking pages.

I have started using them a little bit- but I will be sharing my Project Life journey as I get used to this new scrapbooking system and keep you updated on how I feel about it. So far, I like it and it takes significantly less time then traditional scrapbooking. I also plan on sharing some scrapbooking layouts and showing you how I am using the system!

Do you use Project Life?

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