Monday, January 19, 2015

The Frames Are Filled!

For months the walls of my new bedroom have been empty... it was pretty depressing! Then one day I  decided to hang up some frames- but I hadn't filled them with pictures yet....even more depressing!

I finally placed an order for photo prints from Shutterfly and when I received them in the mail I managed to get my frames filled!

This three picture frame I decided to fill with photos of the beach.

Although the lighting in this photo is pretty bad you can see how serene this frame and pictures are. I love this!

I have two frames on my big wall, one is a bigger frame with a photo from my trip to France.

I love this picture!

My final frame holds four pictures which are filled with friends and family! I love having pictures of my loved ones around. It's nice to have reminders of good times!

What is on your bedroom walls?

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  1. I see me!!! LOVE it! We're still working on filling all of our frames. So much easier said than done! xoxo