Thursday, January 8, 2015

You Curl 400*F Tourmaline Ceramic Wand

I have a confession...I find doing my hair pretty enjoyable. I love to straighten it, curl it, brush it, braid it- whatever! I have to be in the mood but when I am I love doing my hair. So for some time I've been considering getting a curling wand and when I saw one in Target last week I decided that for $29.99 I would pick up the Conair You Curl Ceramic Wand.

Photo: YOU Curl 400°F Tourmaline Ceramic™ Wand

This wand gets super hot and curls my hair beautifully. Instead of having a clamp on the end you physically curl your hair around the wand which keeps the ends from looking weird. I have been loving the way the wand starts off smaller on the end and gets bigger towards the base- it really makes your curls look natural. 

The You Curl wand also comes with a glove to wear so you don't burn your fingers while wrapping your hair around which works great! (Except for the one time I didn't use it and touched the wand with my finger...not smart!)

I think the curls look very natural and I'm absolutely loving my new purchase! I think it will motivate me to curl my hair more often since I straighten it most of the time.

Do you own a curling wand?

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