Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spring Cleaning 2015 Series!

Hello loves!

Here in Rhode Island the snow keeps piling up and I am dreaming about summer. So I thought I would compromise with the weather and focus instead on spring.

Being who I am, Spring instantly reminds me of Spring Cleaning. I know some of you probably cringe when you hear those two words together but I personally find it to be a rejuvenating experience. I'm here to help you relax when it comes to Spring Cleaning this year and we are going to work together to clean up and clean out every section of your home.

Going step by step will allow you to not be overwhelmed and get everything done well. There's no use in half-ass cleaning- it won't get you anywhere. If you're going to clean then clean it right!

So from now through spring we will be working together to get everything clean and organized!

What areas do you want to focus on this year during Spring Cleaning? What are areas you would like to see a post on?

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