Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spring Cleaning Week 1: Clothes, Clothes, Clothes...

Happy Saturday friends! I am updating you from the car dealership where I'm waiting for my car to get an oil change. I hoped to use this time and bang out a bunch of blog posts...but it's proving to be more difficult then I initially planned. The internet is moving at snails pace! 

I promised you last week that I would be working on spring cleaning posts for you, so here we go with episode one!

This week I focused on clothing. In years past I have done different things to weed through my clothing. One year (you might remember) I put post-it tabs on every single hanger and only took them off once I had worn that piece of clothing. At the end of the year I got rid of every item that still had a flag on the hanger- it was a great way to get rid of a ton of clothing that I wasn't wearing- but it took a year for that process to play out. This time I wanted immediate results.

I went through and tried on every single item in my dresser and closet, one by one. I only kept items that fit and I enjoyed wearing. There's no reason to keep clothes that I don't want to wear! The drawer that I donated the most from? My shorts. I thought this was strange but since it's been cold for so long here in Rhode Island I suppose I know what fits me in my pants drawer- but my shorts drawer was filled with stained clothing and shorts that were a little too tight for my liking.

I also got rid of quite a few accessories. I sorted through my scarves and shoes and managed to gather a pile of items to get rid of. (You'll see I also have a few Christmas tins in the picture that I threw into this load of give-aways) I found a few tank tops that have become too short after years of being washed and some long sleeved shirts that I don't enjoying wearing because of the material.

In addition to the clothes I decided to give away- I have finally decided to give up my prom dresses. I have worn both as Halloween costumes but I know that it is time these get donated. Perhaps someone else will be able to make memories in them- but it's time to let them go!

Here's an example of how I operated. You can see above that I took all my shorts and laid them out on my bed.

The ones I liked were folded neatly back in my drawer and the ones to be donated were piled. So many shorts! I told you- I found seven pairs to donate which is a big number for me in one category.

Now I challenge you to go through your closet and dresser and find items to donate- Get on that spring cleaning!!

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