Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Workouts

This weekend I tried out some new-to-me classes. The reason I chose to join the gym that I did was because of the wide array of classes they offer so I'm determined to try out as many as possible.
(I should also mention that on Friday night I took Zumba class- something I've done many times- and of course I loved it!)

On Saturday morning I woke up really early to attend Step and Sculpt. My friend Kaitlin recommended this class to me and I'm so glad she did. When I entered the class I followed another gym-goer inside and watched them put together their step so I would know what I was doing. We also were required to have weights during class which was a nice bonus.

I loved the choreography aspect of the class- following the steps that the instructor provided us. I also am extremely competitive when it comes to classes like this and get very frustrated when I mess something up. From what I understand we did a basic step class and just incorporated weights into the routine. Overall this was an amazing class and I will definitely go back again!

I went back to the gym on Saturday afternoon and met up with Laura to do an arm workout.

20 mins elliptical
20 Seatbelts each arm
60 Seated rows
60 Crunches
60 Ab Twists each side
60 Pectoral Flys
40 Overhead Presses
40 Bicep Curls
30 Lateral Raises

I have been enjoying incorporating weights into my workout routine and can feel myself getting stronger every day!

On Sunday morning I woke up with some extreme soreness in my legs (probably due to Step class) but I pulled myself out of bed and off to the gym to meet Laura for Cardio Sculpt.

I wasn't sure what to expect at all during Cardio Sculpt but I walked into class 15 minutes early, the class was already packed! I quickly set up spots for both Laura and I because I was worried there wouldn't be any spots left (and I was right- the class was full!)

The class consisted of three circuits. Each circuit started with a resistance band, then heavy weights, a weighted pole, light weights, and cardio using an exercise ball. Each circuit changed up the exercises but we used the same equipment each round. It was an intense class but there were a lot of modifications that could be made to each exercise. The instructor gave us ideas of what we could do if the exercise was too hard or too easy. I grabbed extremely light weights since I wasn't sure what to expect but next time I will definitely try the next weights up.

Overall, this weekend was amazing for workouts and I can't wait to do these classes again! =)

What did you do to workout this weekend?

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