Monday, March 9, 2015

A Fun Girls Weekend!

Hey everybody, I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I personally am not a fan of Daylight Savings Time and always have a hard time during "Spring Ahead" losing that precious hour of sleep... however, I greatly enjoyed the sun staying out till after six tonight =)

This weekend flew by around here- the weather has started to get warmer here in Rhode Island (today it was in the 40s!!!) and I had super fun plans for the weekend.

I started off my Saturday with a quick Step class and then headed home to shower and change. I headed to Connecticut to visit Rachel and Ant and meet their newest addition Franklin.

Franklin is Rachel and Ant's new puppy and he is such a sweetheart! He spent most of my visit sitting in my lap and I just wanted to cuddle him the entire time! He really made me miss Roxy =(

After spending some time time with Franklin- Rachel and I headed out to get our nails done. It was so relaxing getting mani-pedis and the salon that we go to when I visit her gives a free ten minute massage after each nail service- it's amazing =)

After our nail appointments- I spent a little more time visiting with Rachel, Ant and Franklin and then headed off to the other side of Connecticut to spend time with my college roommates Megan and Laura!

Once we were all together and caught up we headed into downtown West Hartford for dinner. We ate at The Cheesecake Factory and to my dismay Penny wasn't working... (any Big Bang fans out there?!) After we ate dinner and had a few drinks we walked down the street to a local bar called Barcelona- unfortunately we were ignored and unable to get drinks after standing at the bar for quite some time- so instead we went next door to Bar Taco where we almost instantly found seats at the bar and got drinks!

We had a great time people watching, talking to the bartender and having a few fruity cocktails. We stopped in a third bar (Grants) before heading back to her house and ran into a few guys who were actually groomsmen in Rachel and Ant's wedding. CT is almost as small as Rhode Island!

After a good nights sleep it was time to go for brunch at Grants where we had stopped the night before...

Then.... it was time for IKEA!!

I found what I have been wanting to buy for a year now. It was super exciting.

We tested out some beds...

and rode on some carts...

After getting Laura's items in her house and my huge box in the my car- I headed back to Rhode Island before it got too late!

Then it was time to build the Alex 9 drawer unit!

At first I was a little overwhelmed by how many pieces there were to the Alex. I did find that it was fairly easy and the directions were simple to follow.

Halfway done...and still SO many pieces left to go.

When I was done I was so excited. I've been dreaming about owning this piece of furniture for about a year now.

It sits nicely in my closet next to my dresser. Now I know you're probably wondering what I keep inside...but you'll have to wait for a future organization post to find out!

How was your weekend?!

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