Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Cleaning: A More Organized Approach To Beauty

One of the areas I struggle with organizing is my beauty products. I have a fairly big collection of makeup and other beauty products from couponing and subscribing to Birchbox for years and I have been shoving products in little plastic drawers for years now and it just wasn't cutting it!

For almost a year I've been dreaming of the Alex 9 drawer from Ikea. I attempted to order it online however there was a $200 shipping charge, not something I was willing to pay for a $119 piece of furniture that needed to be put together. So when my friend Laura suggested we visit Ikea during our girls weekend I was more then game!

Now you'll remember from that post there were a ton of pieces to the Alex 9 drawer and I had to individually build each drawer. It took about two hours but I found the process to be fairly easy and painless!

For a week all my products were just tossed inside the drawers until last weekend when I took a trip to my all time favorite store.....

The Container Store!

I had a fantastic time in the bathroom aisle checking out all the different organizers! I ended up leaving with a stack of Linus drawer organizers (and will be going back to get more!)

Looks like heaven...

I took my time organizing each product type-sorting out brands and types and tossing old products that I feel are expired or have had their time to shine!

Ready to jump in?! Let's go!

Right now the top drawer features one large linus drawer organizer. I keep all my cleansers and masks inside this drawer. These are products that are brand new and will eventually make their way into the bathroom when they are in use. As you can see I have several Neutrogena Deep Cleans from couponing, some Origins, St Ives, and Pacifica. I also have many small samples from Birchbox that I need to finish up!

Drawer number two is filled with foundations and concealers. I used only two small linus organizers- the one on the right for concealers and the one on the left for foundations and BB/CC creams. Most of this drawer is Birchbox samples- but I do have quite a few Physicians Formula concealers from different couponing deals.

I am in LOVE with drawer number three. Eyeshadow is my weakness =)
I used a large Linus drawer organizer and three small organizers. I have my big palettes on the left and all my singles and duos on the right.

Drawer number four is filled with two organizers. The first is mascara the second is eyeliners. Then outside the organizers I have makeup removers and makeup remover wipes. I would love to get another organizer to hold those as well.

Drawer five has all my lip products in the first organizer, blush in the second, and bronzer and highlighters in the third. I'm considering getting a lipstick holder to hold all those lip products!

 Drawer number six is empty.....room to grow!

Drawer seven holds all my nail polish. I need a second organizer for this drawer because the one Linus organizer is not cutting it!

Drawer eight has my nail tools which don't have an organizer right now so they need to be better organized in the future.

Then drawer number nine is empty- even more room to grow!

I will be going back to the Container Store to pick up some more organizers now that I know where I need them and what sizes I will need. I am so excited to have this piece of furniture in my room and have all these products neatly tucked away. I can't wait until it's perfect! =)

How is your makeup collection and beauty products organized?

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