Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spring Cleaning: Sentimental Items (Cards)

I think one of the biggest hoarding problems is sentimental items. I have to keep myself in check when it comes in sentimental items...particularly cards.

I've been storing my recent cards in this box my friend Rachel gave me when she asked me to be her MOH. It has been sitting in my closet and I've been slightly lifting the lid and shoving cards in there for months.

There are quite a few in there- it was almost full!

I went through the stack of cards one by one. If a card didn't have a special message in it- I dropped it in the recycling pile. I tried to be as honest as possible- do I need a homemade card from a student I taught that has no name on it and I have no recollection of who gave it to me? Probably not. Do I need every birthday card given to me with only a signature inside? Nope!

I ended up getting rid of quite a bit!

Here is my pile of recycling and my box only halfway filled now!

I always feel much better getting rid of a huge stack while I spring clean/declutter!

What sentimental items do you have a hard time getting rid of?

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