Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter Empties

I don't know what it is about winter but I always seem to go through SO many products! 

I have been focusing on using up sample size products I have in my stockpile and also I have been on a no-buy for most of the winter so I have been forced to use products I already have rather then running out to buy new ones. 

As a side note I also feel like getting rid of empties is part of my spring cleaning because I am able to clear out a bit of room in my stockpile and everything feels cleaner! (Although I have taken a little break from couponing- so when I get back into it I'm sure my stockpile will fill up quickly again...)

My empties bag was overflowing so I knew it was time to dump everything out and get some pictures! (I also secretly love this because I get to categorize everything and sort all the products on my floor which is fun for the organizer who lives inside me!)

First up: Body Wash!

Soft-soap Body Butter Coconut Scrub-  This body scrub was something I'd been looking at in the drugstores for quite some time. The smell is intoxicating and I love a good body scrub...however I have to say that I got sick of it pretty quickly. I think that is normal when you're working on any big bottle of product- but I was definitely ready to try something new and I don't think I need to repurchase this again (especially since I have two more in my stockpile!)

Philosophy Almond and Cream Shower Gel- This was a small sample I was given at Sephora a couple of years ago. I finally used it during one shower and thought it was nice but not my favorite scent!

Dove Deep Moisturizing Shower Gel- This is a really nice shower gel. I find Dove products are always super moisturizing and don't leave my skin feeling dry. I have a few full size Dove shower gels in my stockpile so I won't need to purchase this again for awhile.

Thann Shower Gel- This is a shower gel I took after staying in a hotel. It was just okay, nothing fabulous!

Not Soap Radio Shower Gel-I received this in a Birchbox and was not a huge fan of the lemon scent, but it was okay. Sometimes I felt the lemon was refreshing but most of the time it was not my favorite scent in the world!

Philosophy Homemade Honey Buns Shower Gel- I love Philosophy shower gel but I hated this scent. I just was not a fan of smelling like honey buns...

Philosophy Christmas Cookie Shower Gel- I liked this scent but it wasn't my favorite out of all the scents I've tried. I don't think I would necessarily repurchase this one but I'm glad I got to try it.

I used quite a few hand lotions...

EOS hand lotion- I purchased this on a whim one day at Target and am so glad that they did! It was a delicious smelling lotion and I loved the size and look of the packaging. It was much easier to keep it in my purse!

Peter Thomas Roth- This lotion was awful. It was watery and gross and didn't do much for my skin. I picked this up from a hotel and thought that since it was a great name the lotion would be great but I really didn't care for it.

Calgon Tropical Dream- I have had this lotion for years and years. I finally decided to finish it up and while it wasn't my favorite and left a slight greasy film on my skin, I really enjoyed the scent. It just smelled tropical and floral and I wish that the lotion had been a better quality.

Whish Body Butter Coconut- I received this for my last birthday and not only did I love the lotion itself but I loved the packaging. I liked how the bottle pushed the lotion up so you were able to get every single drop of lotion out of it. I love coconut- but this coconut smell wasn't my favorite- I would definitely purchase Whish Body Butter in the future but not necessarily in this scent.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Juiced Berry Lotion- This lotion had the great packaging that the Whish body butter did but the smell was far too fruity for me. I received this years ago as a gift but I was glad to finally use it up.

Suave Lotion- This lotion is meant for extremely dry skin which I tend to have this time of year. I thought this lotion was too watery but I definitely enjoyed the effect it has on my skin. I found my skin to be softer after using it.

Dr Hashuka Cream- This cream is gross! It smelled pretty terrible and the cream was thick and not great at all. I would never purchase this in the future.

I went through SO many candles...

BBW Leaves-  This is my all time favorite candle and I know I say that all the time but it is true! I love the scent throw and it smells spicy and just like you would expect fall to smell.  I will continue to buy this candle over and over again and can't wait till the fall so I can stock up on these again!

BBW Merry Cookie (two candles)- I finished two Merry Cookie candles, only because I'm trying to use up my stockpile. I have learned that I'm not a fan of cookie scents and I don't think I would repurchase these again in the future. The scent throw wasn't great, but the scent in general just smelt gross and too sugary.

BBW Vanilla Snowflake- I received this as a Christmas gift and the scent was great when it started burning but towards the end the scent throw was very lame! I like a candle to fill my whole room with a scent but this one didn't do much. I'm not sure if it's the candle itself or just this particular one, but I would be willing to try it again.

BBW Island Margarita- I won this candle at a baby shower, so it wasn't something I purchased but I didn't care for it at all. I am not a huge fan of margarita scents (or margaritas in general) so I don't think this would be something I'd ever need to smell again!

Christmas Time Candle-
 Years ago I received this candle as a gift from a student and it might as well have been unscented. There was absolutely no scent to it at all and it was nothing fantastic. I would never need to purchase this in the future.

Teal Candle from Target- This was an unscented candle that I bought just because I thought it was so beautiful! Even though there was no great smell I did like this candle just because of the packaging.

4 Tealights (unscented)- I am trying to use up my candle stockpile and taillights were no exception. I don't have much use for candles with no scent so I decided to use these babies up! They were just okay.

Yankee Candle Apple Pumpkin-
 This candle smelt better in the packaging then it did when it was actually burning. I'm not a huge apple or pumpkin fan so I don't think I ever need to use this again.

Yankee Candle Turquoise Sky- I liked this candle a lot, it wasn't my favorite scent but it was a good beach scent overall.

Yankee Candle Pink Sands- I think this is one of my favorite Yankee Candle scents. I like the name as well- it's another great beach scent!

Yankee Candle Golden Sands- I loved this scent, it was absolutely perfect. It smelt like a beach day but not in a gross way. I would definitely purchase this full size.

Then in the haircare department...

Dove Oxygen Shampoo and Conditioner (2)- I finished two sample sets of Dove Oxygen shampoo and conditioner. I received these both as free samples but I won't be purchasing it in full size because it made my hair really stringy and dry- two things I don't need.

Thann, Disney, Omni, Red Jacket, Fragonard and Essentials Shampoo and Conditioners- I've grouped these together since they are all hotel shampoo and conditioners and they were all horrible! My hair has never felt worse then it did using these- so I'm glad I managed to finish so many samples this season!

BigSexyHair Protectant- I used this before drying and straightening my hair and really enjoyed it. It smelled fantastic and did a great job of protecting my hair. I do like the Oscar Blandi protectant better but this one was nice too!

Clear Shampoo and Conditioner- I love all the shampoos and conditioners in the Clear line- they all make my hair feel great and this one was no exception. I was sad to see this finished!

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Shampoo and Conditioner- This shampoo and conditioner was something I really enjoyed- especially after donating my hair last year to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I was so excited to try it out and found that it made my hair silky, smooth and conditioned it nicely.

For face products this winter...

SeaRX Anti Wrinkle Serum- I liked this sample from my Birchbox a lot- it felt great on my skin but I don't think it's something I would repurchase anytime soon. It's not something I think I need to have in my daily beauty routine.

Key West Aloe- I loved, loved, loved this Birchbox sample. It was absolutely amazing and I was sad when I finished it up. This product was so smoothing on my skin and really moisturized my skin. The aloe really worked wonders on my face and is something I'd consider using in the future.

St Ives Oatmeal Scrub- This was another amazing product. The scrub itself was very gentle and the oatmeal seemed to make it even better. I would definitely purchase and use this again.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser- This was my favorite cleaner for a long time and if I get a couponing deal on Neutrogena in the future I would definitely consider picking more of it up. It is really gentle on my sensitive skin and gives a slight tingly feeling so you know that your skin is getting clean.

Dr Brandts Vacuum Cleaner- This mask was pretty nice. It dried hard on my skin like clay but washed off easily. I don't know that it did anything fabulous for my skin so I probably wouldn't repurchase it.

I finished a few perfumes...

Taylor Swift- This is my all-time favorite perfume! I get the most compliments when I wear this perfume and I have already purchased a larger size. I highly recommend it!

Mary Kate and Ashley- This perfume is so old and gross that I couldn't even finish it. I finished more then half but decided to just toss it after all this time. I think I've had it since middle school!

Falling In Love- I received this perfume during Rachel's wedding and it didn't take me long to finish it! I loved it and thought it was a great perfume. There are perfumes that I like more then this one so I don't think I will purchase it in the future.

Beyonce- I liked this perfume- it was actually a real nice scent. I don't need it in full size though!

Aerie Shimmer-  This perfume was really light smelling, something I might purchase for myself- but I don't think I will because I do like other perfumes better.

Some miscellaneous beauty items...

Yes to Coconuts Face Wipes- These wipes are fabulous, I would like to purchase them in the future because they are so gentle on my skin. They not only took off my makeup but I felt like it took care of cleaning my skin too which was great. The coconut smell was amazing as well.

Almay Makeup Wipes- I have talked about these in the past- but I still love them! They do a great job of taking off makeup.

Almay Eye Makeup Wipes- I don't like these as much as the full sized wipes. I would only purchase these in the future if I got them in a couponing deal.

Elf Liquid Eyeliner- I received this in a gift set awhile ago and I liked it and used it until it dried up. I was able to do my eyeliner on my lid with precision thanks to the great brush that was part of the eyeliner. I would definitely use this in the future.

Roar Perfume- I forgot to put this in the picture of perfumes but I love this perfume. It is made by Athena's Home Novelties and I've already put in an order for a new one.  This is another perfume that I get soooo many compliments on. I highly recommend it!

NYX Mascara- This mascara is fantastic- it is dry enough that I can use it from the first drop to the last drop with amazing results. I have already repurchased it since I know it will work great and keep my lashes from getting clumpy.

Mirenesse Mascara- This mascara was just okay, by the end of its run it became all clumpy which I hate. I love a lot of mascaras far more then this one.

OPI Rainbow In The Skylie- This nailpolish dried out on me but I had almost finished it anyways. I loved having this rainbow top coat over other colors. It was gorgeous! This was part of the Kardashian collection so I don't think it is around anymore but I definitely would like to have another rainbow topcoat in the future.

I finished two deodorants...

LaVanilla Vanilla Deodorant- I love love love love love (there's not enough love in the world) this deodorant. I originally heard of it from MakeupbyTiffanyD on Youtube. It is the best natural deodorant that smells amazing and stays on all day. I have already repurchased a stockpile of these.

Jason Tea Tree Deodorant- This was my favorite deodorant until I started using LaVanilla. I would definitely use this in the future as a backup deodorant, but I like the LaVanilla much better!

5 Burts Bees Chapsticks- I quit Burts Bees guys! I did it! This is my last 5 tubes!!!

3 EOS mint lip balms- This is my new love, I've been using this daily and think it's even better then Burts Bees. Seriously. It tastes amazing and keeps my lis moisturized- in fact they feel a million times healthier then they did before.

1 EOS vanilla mint lip balm- I like this lip balm too. I don't like it as much as the regular mint but it's still nice and something I will use again.

Febreeze Air Freshners- These make my room smell great but aren't something I'd purchase unless I got them for free couponing again.

Febreeze Air Spray- This is another great product by Febreeze that I got from couponing. I would definitely use it again if I got it for free.

Pledge- My favorite furniture spray! I have gone through so many of these that I can't count. I haven't found anything else that works as well as this.

Clorox Wipes- I use Clorox wipes religiously. I wipe down everything with these and find them so useful. I can't recommend anything else more then Clorox wipes- they are truly multi-purpose.

Method Daily Shower Cleaner- I use this after everytime I take a shower. I spray the entire shower down and it keeps my shower from getting gross and makes it so I only need to clean it entirely once a week.

Now for some random products...

EOS shave cream- This shave cream was great. I liked that I could shave wet or dry with it. However, it's super expensive in comparison to other shower gels (especially those that are couponed for) so I won't be purchasing this again in the future.

Renu Contact Solution- This contact solution expired, but I did like it. I do like BioTrue a bit better- but this one was nice too. I received it free through couponing so I wouldn't pass that up again in the future!

Arm and Hammer Truly Radiant- This was a free sample and a good one at that! I prefer other mouthwashes to this one but I will discuss it further during a future post about teeth whitening... (so stay tuned for that!)

BBW Caribbean Escape Hand Soap- I love Bath and Body Works hand soaps and this one smelt incredible. I've used this particular scent a few times and loved it every time. I would definitely get this in the future.

Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo- I've mentioned before but I use this to clean my makeup and hair brushes. I think that it cleans the brushes nicely and also is nice and gentle so they won't get ruined. I will keep using this as a brush cleaner!

That's what I used up this winter...what did you use up?

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