Sunday, June 21, 2015

May Birchbox

Hello hello beauty lovers! I am ready to update you on my favorite and not-so-favorite products from my May Birchbox!

This months theme was Cupcakes and Cashmere and I thought the orange was a nice spring color for this months box.

I was excited to see a few bigger samples inside this box!

I've gone back and forth about Harvey Prince products, some have been great and some have been pretty lame. This Harvey Prince sea salt texturizing mist is a nice idea but I don't think it works super great in my hair. I prefer to have my hair heat styled either curled or straightened depending on my mood. I don't like my hair to be a mess and that's what sea salt spray does. I don't feel the need to purchase this in the future, but I may finish it up depending on my mood.

This Cotz flawless complexion seemed super dark when I first tested it on my hands but it actually blends in quite nicely. I love that this product has SPF in it and will use up this product in its entirety.

This is hands down my favorite product that came in my May Birchbox. Aruba Aloe's luxe foot cream is so luxurious and thick, it's amazing! I have almost finished this up entirely and would consider ordering a full size in the future because my feet feel awesome after covering them with this cream!

Benefit's lollibalm is a mango butter balm that has a very pink tint to it. The balm itself is nice on the lips but the color looks a bit silly on me. I tried it on a few occasions and I wasn't a huge fan. I will keep this in my lipstick/lipbalm collection but I don't know how often I will be wearing it.

I hate receiving perfumes in my Birchbox for two reasons. Number one, I have so many perfumes and body sprays already I really don't need anymore. Number two, When I don't pick a perfume out myself chances are I won't like it. I sprayed this once, hated it and threw it in my empties bag. Sorry Juliet has a Gun's Not a Perfume, you don't smell good!

What products have you been trying lately?

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