Thursday, June 11, 2015

Spring Empties!

Finally, this little blog is back up and running! I was super relieved to see my posts show up on my bloglovin feed this morning! =)

I thought today I would share my Spring Empties with you. I don't have a ton of items this season simply because I have been using up products at a leisurely pace, trying out different things and not worrying about finishing anything up right away. 

So here we go!

BBW Merry Cookie Candle- This candle is a sugary sweet candle from Bath and Body Works. I especially enjoy this around Christmas time but I ended up finishing it up after March rolled around making it a spring empty. I find that the scent fits the colder months best and it's not something I would necessarily purchase again in the future since I prefer spicy scents over sweet scents, but it was nice!

BBW Black Sands Candle- I was surprised how much I liked this candle when I sniffed it in the store. It smells absolutely incredible! It is a spicy, beach scent that isn't too strong but I would highly recommend smelling it for yourself in stores because I will be purchasing this one again the future it was so good!

BBW Peach Bellini Candle- I would never have picked this scent out for myself, I actually won it during a baby shower a few years ago and it has sat in my candle collection ever since. I did finally use it up and found it to be very nice. I don't think it's a candle that I would need to purchase in the future but I definitely didn't dislike it. I have heard that many people love it but I'm not a huge peach person so maybe that's why I didn't like it as much, who knows!

6 Yankee Candle Amber Sunset Tealights- I've been working on using up my tealights and these six were nice enough. I don't think taillights give off enough scent so I'm trying to use them up since I really don't find them necessary!

Febreeze Set & Refresh- This little gadget hid behind a few picture frames in my room and it was great to keep my room smelling fresh! When you have these up close they smell awful, but in a room they smell fresh and fine.

Lysol Bathroom Cleaner- This was one of the last products I bought before I tried to go mostly natural with cleaners in the bathroom. I liked this cleaner but it smells awful strong. I much prefer to use something that doesn't smell like chemicals.

Method Daily Shower Cleaner- I spray this little love all over my shower every time I get finished showering and it keeps everything nice and clean. I really enjoy the mint smell of this product because it doesn't smell like chemicals and instead just smells fresh. I still deep clean my bathroom, but this product keeps my shower looking fresh between deep cleanings.

Satellite Glass Cleaner- When my windshield cracked the nice guy who fixed it gave me this sample and man is this stuff amazing. It cleans everything off your car windows and I really was disappointed when I finished it up.

11 Mint EOS Lip Balms- I went through a lot of these and I want to ween myself off of lip balm/chapstick and only use it a few times a day. I'm working on it!

2 Vanilla Mint EOS Lip Balms- I used two of these, I don't like the flavor as much as I like the plain mint ones but they are still nice.

2 Burts Bees Chapsticks- You'll remember if you've been a longtime reader that I once was addicted to Burts Bees. I did not actually use these two up, these are leftovers that I had already opened. I actually tried one of them and it tasted so much like chemicals to me I was grossed out! I can't believe I used to use it as much as I did! I gave away all of my leftover Burts Bees that were unopened to a friend that I know will use them!

Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner- I love this set! Both the shampoo and conditioner are great and the scent is fantastic as well. I keep repurchasing this drugstore shampoo and conditioner because it works great on my hair.

No 4 Shampoo and Conditioner- This was a sample from Birchbox and it was just okay. My hair felt tangly afterwards but it wasn't the worst shampoo and conditioner I've ever used either.

Beaver Shampoo and Conditioner- I did like this set for the most part, but it's not something  I would purchase in the future.

Macademia Deep Conditioning Mask-  I keep buying this for one simple reason, it works! I can't let go of my little macademia tub of love. I treat this like gold and enjoy every second I use it. My hair feels so much better when I use i!

BB Shampoo and Conditioner- I didn't care for these samples either it was nothing I would purchase in the future!

2 Essentials Shampoo, Omni Shampoo, Disney Shampoo, Fragonard Shampoo- All of these hotel shampoos were just okay. They didn't work wonders on my hair but I used them up because they were free from hotels and you know I can't resist free products.

Pantene Conditioner- I love a good Pantene conditioner and this kept my hair soft while I was trying out various shampoos from hotels. A good conditioner can work wonders and I find that Pantene just seems to understand what my hair needs- moisture!

Oscar Blandi Heat Protectant- This is my favorite heat protectant it works great at keeping my hair dry enough to use a heat styling tool with but puts something on it so I don't feel completely unprotected. I will be repurchasing this ASAP!

BBW Vanilla Bean Noel Lotion- I learned about this from Shay over at Mix and Match Mama, and I'm getting a little sick of this scent since I purchased so many! It's still a great lotion and you will be seeing a lot more where that came from.

Omni Lotion-  I kept this lotion in my purse and really enjoyed it. For a free hotel scent it worked great!

Model Co Shimmer Bronxing Powder- This made my skin look orange and I do not want to look like an oompa loompa. I tried it on a couple different occasions but have finally given up on it!

Covergirl Tru Blend Foundation- This foundation is far too light for my skin, I'm not sure why I purchased this particular one. I tried it a few times but it was just too light to work for me!

Pumped Up Maybelline Mascara- I thought that this was a solid mascara and I would definitely be willing to purchase it again in the future. My lashes didn't clump and I felt like it stayed all day.

Joeur Matte Moisture Tint- Another awful color for me! I finished up most of it, but it just wasn't worth it to try to finish it all.

Sweet Science Daily Tint- I thought the concept of this foundation was great but once again the color just wasn't right for me.

Makeup Forever Mascara- I loved this mascara and would definitely consider spending a bit more for this mascara over a drugstore one. I was incredibly impressed with its quality!

Laura Gellar Mascara- While the other two mascaras in this post I gave rave reviews to, this one I cannot. This mascara was very clumpy extremely quickly. It worked just fine in the beginning but probably a week or so later the whole thing was a clumpy mess, not something I want to deal with!

Fragonard Perfume Sample- Very strong! I'm glad I finished this sample because it was not my favorite. I like my scents to be light and airy not overwhelming.

There are two other perfume samples in the photo above which 1) I did not write down in my blog notebook and 2) I have already recycled. Therefore, I do not know what they are, only that I didn't care for them! (I'm sorry I'm such a jerk for having them in the picture and not writing them down!)

Athens Heavenly Goddess Peppermint Brown Sugar Scrub- I really enjoyed this sugar scrub, although because of the peppermint it made whatever part of my body I used it on feel really cold. That was a great part of using it during warm nights but not my favorite when it was cold out!

2 Nivea In Shower Lotions- I received both of these samples and am so glad I did because this is a really cool product. Instead of using a shower gel and lotion I simply used this in the shower, rinsed it off and my skin was feeling super soft! I would purchase this in the future without hesitation and I've already recommended it to friends.

Velvet Bubbles Oatmeal Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub- This scrub came from a local store called Entwined and it was very relaxing. The scent was great and I enjoyed it immensely.

BBW Vanilla Bean Noel Shower Gel- I purchased these after reading Mix and Match Mama's blog about her favorite scents. I purchased three shower gels and three lotions and have barely made a dent in them. I do like vanilla, but this isn't one of my favorite scents of all time there are definitely other shower gels I have liked over this one. You will be seeing more vanilla bean noel in the future though!

Essentials Shower Gel- A boring shower gel stolen from a hotel. I just used it up to use it up!

Philosophy Shower Gel in Christmas Cookie-  I am not a huge fan of this sugary scent! I think I've used up these samples and am pretty happy to be done with them!

Philosophy Shower Gel in Raspberry Glaze- I didn't care for this shower gel either. I generally like Philosophy, but this scent wasn't my favorite.

Hair and Body Gel- Another boring shower gel from a hotel you will never see again!

Athena's Supreme Shave Gel in Tropical Tease- This shave gel was great! I've been using it to shave for awhile now and I've found less bumps after shaving and significantly less razor burn. It is something I would consider purchasing in the future.

Coppertone Sunscreen- A girls gotta use her sunscreen, and make sure it's not expired! This one from last summer unfortunately expired over the winter so out it goes!

Gilette Fusion Shave Gel- Not great compared to the Athena's and it made me smell like a boy..but it was free so I'll use it!

Lavanilla Deodorant- This is my favorite deodorant I learned about from MakeupbyTiffanyD on Youtube. I find that it lasts all day and I love the classic vanilla scent. I will continue to purchase this even though it's a little pricey!

Method Beach Sage Hand Soap- I liked this Method soap and it seemed to last a lot longer then the BBW soaps! The scent was light and I will definitely use Method soaps in the future.

Biotrue Contact Solution- This was a necessity during this allergy season since I was constantly rinsing out my contacts! This contact solution works great and doesn't burn my eyes at all.

Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash- I liked this face wash, it worked just fine but it made my face slightly dry after washing. This was remedied by lotion, but it still made it drier then I prefer!

Glide Floss- Just an important way to keep those teeth clean! I try to floss as much as I can remember and I really like glide floss because it's gentle on my sensitive gums!

What products have you finished lately?!

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