Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Project Declutter and Organize Beauty Products

Hi my name is Melissa and I am a beauty product hoarder.

The funny thing is, growing up I never had any interest in makeup, perfume, lotion, etc. I was a basic supply girl who rarely painted her nails, didn't wear makeup until high school, and had maybe three bottles of lotion in her possession. Since then a lot has changed and I hoard beauty products like they are going to never be released again. It's actually pretty gross and makes me upset.

One of my biggest fears in life is becoming a hoarder which is why I am so crazy about decluttering and getting rid of things, but it's hard for me to get rid of products because they are something you use.  I have absolutely no problem getting rid of decor items because they sit around and get in my way. I have no problem getting rid of clothes I no longer wear so it should be no different with products. Does anyone else have this problem?

So I set out to start reorganizing my beauty products and see if I could get rid of anything. I started with my huge collection of nail polish.

The problem is that I have gotten so many bottles for free, I haven't had to pay for all of them so they seem to accumulate very quickly. There are some nail polishes that are favorites of mine and ones that I choose often. Those bottles are on their way to being empty so I might as well keep them and use them up. There are plenty of polishes I have only tried once but I liked the color so I want to keep it to use in the future.

I sorted all my polish by brand and considered whether or not I wanted to keep each bottle. When I placed them back inside my Alex 9 drawer unit things looked still full, but slightly better then before.

See? Not terrible right?

I managed to toss three old bottles of Crackle nail polish which I will never use again. That fad has certainly passed. I got rid of two top coats that were discolored. I also gave my mom three nail polishes that are light pink and I never use. I prefer more color then those give off so I passed them off to my mom who loves just a tiny bit of pink on her nails.

After decluttering my nail tools I was able to get everything into just one drawer instead of two. I learned that many of my tools were old and I also need to pick up some more nail polish remover so I can get to using some more nail polish!

This was my final toss pile. Nothing too miraculous, but it feels good to declutter a little bit!

How many nail polishes do you have?

I think my tally is somewhere in the 50's. That is a LOT of polish and I hope to declutter my collection again in the near future. I also hope to use up some of my polishes and I will NOT be buying any nail polish for a very, very, very long time!

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