Thursday, August 6, 2015

Life Lately

I have been failing miserably at keeping this blog updated. Life has been moving at an unbelievable pace, faster then it ever has before and it's amazing how many items remain on my to-do list as I pass out at night after a long day. Blogging and exercising have easily been pushed to the bottom of my list and it's time to make those a priority again. I will attempt to be better I promise!

I thought tonight I'd update you on my life lately with some picture overload!

Back in July I went to a Pawsox game with Tim, Brittni and Stephen. We had a blast watching the game and Tim even caught a ball thrown to him by one of the players.

After the game there were fireworks over Mccoy Stadium which was a nice way to end the evening.

Tim and I also took a trip to Southwick's Zoo back in July. It was a much better zoo then Roger Williams just because they had so many more animals! There were a ton of different types of monkeys (and even a baby monkey too!).

We saw a huge turtle, he was a monster!

Tim had his beard eaten by a goat.

We fed birds with food on popsicle sticks, which was fun until one of the birds started trying to eat the skin off our fingers...not so fun.

This alligator was pretty cute.

This sloth has his routine down pat! Pure comfort right there!

Tim and I also joined Brittni and Stephen for a double date to see The Minion movie which was fantastic. I have seen quite a few movies lately now that we're on that topic... Trainwreck, Antman, Minons- all awesome, go see them if you can!

One Saturday was spent on Block Island, an island off of our little state where it is always crowded but full of summer fun.

We took the Block Island fast ferry from Pt. Judith with Tim's parents.

We had a fun day hanging out at Ballards, a restaurant on the beach; We had a ton to drink, enjoyed listening to the ACDC cover band (Dirty Deeds), and soaked up a ton of sun.

It was a super fun day on the Block!

Then, I joined Tim's whole family on a kayaking trip down a local river. It was a blast and I think we did really well in our two-person kayak! Tim's brother and his girlfriend ended up tipping their canoe at one point when they were trying to race us. Despite that it was a relaxing kayaking trip!

At work we held a baby shower for my co-worker Magda. She is about to give birth to her baby boy Oliver any day now.

It was a nice break in the middle of the day and it was quite the party! Everyone pitched in and brought different food, we also enjoyed pizza that my boss picked up. It was a great time at work.

I've also been going on a ton of walks with my mom after work.

We found an area in our town that is a great walking trail and has a separate path that leads down to the water and a dock. It is gorgeous out there and I had to snap these pictures on a particularly beautiful day!

I also went to a party where hundreds of glow sticks were thrown into the pool.

It looked even cooler in person, I wish I had been able to take a better picture of it. I would highly recommend trying this during a nighttime summer party. It turned out awesome!

Marissa and I having fun chatting during the party.

Tim and I at the party.

I also got the chance to try on a Patriots Superbowl ring! It was incredible and came in a lit up box. One of the coolest things I've been able to do.

One of my favorite summer activities is visiting Buttonwoods Sunflower Field in Griswold CT. This year I took Tim there to show him how cool it is.

This year I notice that so many people were doing different photos in front of the sunflowers. One girl was doing yoga poses while someone took pictures of her. Another group of people were having an actual photoshoot there. It is such a popular place, but so worth it if you are in the area!

I attended a Theatre By The Sea production of The Little Mermaid one weekend. It was a great show that I saw with my trivia team. We purchased tickets on Black Friday last year and enjoyed every second of the production.

Last weekend, Tim, his parents and I went to Foxborough to watch the Patriots practice!

We had a fun time watching the boys play and got super close to Tom Brady! We had lunch at CBS Scene which was delicious and enjoyed exploring Patriot Place. I would go to another practice next year if I have to opportunity to!

Last Sunday Tim and I took a walk at Trustom Nature Center. We walked all around the paths, stopping at each of the docks to see the beautiful views and look for birds. We saw plenty of ducks and swans hanging around. It was a nice way to spend a beautiful day!

Phew! What have you been up to lately?

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