Friday, August 7, 2015

Sample Box from PINCH ME

Happy Friday lovies!

I am more then ready to see the weekend come, it's been a long week at work and I am ready to relax and take it easy. I know I have a bit of organizing to do this weekend and some projects I want to work on as well, but first I want to show you what came in the mail today.

I've received boxes of samples from PINCH ME in the past. You simply sign up for their website and every so often they have free samples that you can request be sent to you. Once you get the samples and try them out you have to answer a few questions online to review them but that's all! Easy peasy.

Here's what I am trying this time around:

I love Gold Bond lotions and I do believe I have tried this one in the past. I'm excited to have a new little sample of lotion to go in my purse or desk at work!

Mouthwash is a staple in my dental hygiene routine and this little one will be great for overnights and travel.

Coffee is the first thing I think of in the morning. I usually hit up Dunkin Donuts in the morning, but would be willing to try out this Gevalia iced coffee.

I haven't tried these DenTek floss picks before but they seem like a handy item to have around.

A few bandaids, which I can always use!

I am willing to give these Summer's Eve products a try, because why not?

So that's what I received in my sample box from PINCH ME. You can get a sample box too by going to and signing up! No, this is not a promotion, I really do love this site and get nothing out of you trying it out!

Now, I'm off to volunteer at the Seafood Festival in my town. Have a great weekend everybody!

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