Sunday, August 9, 2015

Seafood Festival Weekend and An Announcement!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Although I'm bummed the weekend is almost over, I am excited that next weekend at this time I will be in Boston for a couple of days!

So to recap the weekend, I started it off volunteering at the Seafood Festival. If you've never been to Charlestown Seafood Festival and live somewhere near Rhode Island, you should put it on your calendar for next summer. It's an awesome event that the Charlestown Chamber of Commerce sponsors each year. I've been volunteering there for the last eleven years since my friend Brittni is the volunteer coordinator.

This year I got my volunteer t-shirt in a gorgeous bright blue and a budweiser hat out of the deal =)

This year I poured the wine. Here's my little set up in the beer tent. I am always happy to volunteer because it's always such a great group of people. While I'm not a fan of seafood at all, there are plenty of other options for food and drinks. There are plenty of other things to do besides eat; concerts, fireworks, rides, shopping, etc...

Brittni and I in the beer tent, she stopped by to visit during her volunteer coordinator rounds. I also am now sporting a lobster necklace.

On Saturday Tim and I headed to Ocean Mist for breakfast with his parents, brother, and brothers girlfriend.  Since it was almost noon time we ended up eating a lunch instead of dinner and I enjoyed a yummy grilled cheese and curly fries!

Later in the afternoon we headed back to the Seafood Festival. It was nice to experience it from a guest standpoint instead of working the entire time. We grabbed some snacks and made our way through the crowded park. There were exponentially more people on Saturday then there were on Friday.

It was a lot of fun hanging out and watching the ACDC Tribute Band perform. We ended up leaving during the fireworks and managed to beat all the traffic which was a terrific idea!

Now for my announcement!

Today I posted this selfie on instagram for the no makeup challenge. I rarely take pictures of myself or go out without makeup. I also rarely take pictures of myself with my glasses on because I don't feel confident in them. I want to start feeling more confident without my contacts and makeup which is why I decided to take this picture.

Shortly after posting it a girl I went to high school with messaged me about joining her Beach Body fitness group. I have officially joined the 21 Day Fix through Beach Body and will start my plan next Monday. I can't wait to get started eating healthier, working out, and getting in shape. I will bring you guys along for the journey, show you what I'm eating and what my workouts consist of. I hope you'll enjoy all I have in store.

I've also been working on several organization posts for you which will be coming- I promise!

Alright I'm off to enjoy what's left of my weekend, I hope you do too!

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