Tuesday, September 1, 2015

21 Day Fix Week 1

My first week on the 21 Day Fix has officially ended! I thought I would share this journey with you since I figured it would be very difficult for me. I grew up being able to eat pretty much whatever I wanted. I never gained a pound. Throughout high school people would comment that I was "too skinny" but quite honestly I ate like a pig. I could out-eat most of the guys I knew and still would be a twig. I thought I was lucky, I thought that I had great genes!

During college I continued to not gain weight. Cookies, cake, pasta, pizza- I downed it all. I ate like crap and danced constantly with the dance company I was a part of and never gained a pound. Once I graduated and worked at the dance studio full time I gained a tiny bit of weight. I started filling out which I considered a good thing. Then last year when I started my office job I noticed a major change in my body. I started gaining weight, particularly in my stomach! I finally decided to do something about it and was considering asking one of the girls I knew who coach for Beachbody when someone I knew from high school, Marcy contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in joining her next challenge group!

My game plan was to use the 21 Day Fix portion containers to eat portion controlled meals and snacks throughout the process, complete Autumn Calbrese's 21 day fix workout program, and drink Shakeology daily.

So last Monday I began...

The first thing I did was go grocery shopping. Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and ice were on the menu! I didn't want to buy too much because I am only one person and I know things will go bad if I leave them too long so it's easier for me to shop once a week for fresh items.

My lunch and snacks all packed for the day! I was a little nervous when I saw I could only have EIGHT cashews. Who knew that was a serving size?!

Shakeology for breakfast! When I first tried Shakeology I could barely choke it down. Over the week I figured out that I could add fat free milk with the powder and ice and make it taste like a chocolate milkshake. It's gone from something I dreaded to my favorite meal of the day!

I found this quote and thought this is so true. I am trying to commit to myself. I need to make my body and myself a priority every single day!

Now for the scary part...The before pictures...

As scary as it is for me to post these pictures on the internet I want to remember why I was so unhappy with my body eating carbs all the time. My stomach has so much extra fat on it that I look pregnant! I know I need to get this under control before it gets worse.

My first sweaty selfie after my total body cardio fix. I struggled through this first workout and was pretty miserable with the lack of food I ate (days 1 and 2 were very difficult for me!) but I did it!

My workout area in my bedroom :)

My mom made me these delicious treats that are 21 day fix approved (for the most part). They do have chocolate chips in them to help me with my chocolate craving, but also contains old fashioned oats, applesauce and cinnamon. They were delicious! They are worth a purple container and a yellow container for 3 cookies. I enjoyed these every day last week they were so yummy =)

On Tuesday night I cheated a little bit for my moms birthday dinner. I ate a turkey sandwich with french fries. I downed every little bit...

After two full days on the 21 day fix it tasted like the best thing I've ever eaten. Sometimes it's okay to eat a little something that's not on your meal plan- plus turkey not the worst thing in the world to eat either!

Plus we enjoyed a beautiful view while we celebrated my moms birthday!

Taking a "sweaty selfie" every day for my group has motivated me to check in and complete my workout each and every day. I don't have an excuse to not exercise or eat healthy. I need to check in every day and tell the other people in my group what I've done that day- it's kept me accountable- another great part of the 21 day fix and working with a coach.

Another part I love? The app! This app helps you keep track of what you've eaten and how much water you've had throughout the day. It has made it really easy for me to see what I can eat and how many portions I have left for the day.

Here's an example of a dinner plate with one serving of protein and two servings of vegetables. It's a pretty full plate. This plan isn't about starving yourself, it's about feeding yourself the healthy foods.

Another sweaty selfie.

Here's another meal that I got while out to eat and had leftovers for lunch. It is a southwest salad from a local restaurant called Billy Hills. It was a nice twist on getting my vegetables in as well as some chicken for protein, shredded cheese and corn.

A quick breakfast idea. Each slice of bread counts as one yellow container (although pumpernickel bread wasn't on the list I'm including it because it is definitely healthy for you!). Two teaspoons of peanut butter are allowed and I tend to add a little bit more because it's delicious. It also helps to fill me up a little bit.

Some more sweaty selfies.

On Saturday I had a sad occasion to attend but I was already starting to fill more confident in my body! After one week I have already lost 1 inch off my waist and 2 pounds!

Have you tried the 21 day fix?

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