Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Getting My Butt Back In Gear!

You guys I am the worst!

I really have meant to keep up with this precious blog of mine. Life has just gotten in the way. Completely in the way! Not only am I working full time, but I've taken on Beach Body as a second job, and am about to embark in my second season as a dance team coach which will be a third job. My to- do list is out of control, my days are filled with work, errands and spending time with loved ones. Life is GOOD!

However, this blog is SO important to me and I have been seriously neglecting it. So I'm going to make a public announcement right here, right now and share posts that will be coming up.

  • How I Organize My Beach Body Business
  • My Halloween Costume
  • My Anxiety and What I've Done To Try To Overcome It
  • Black Friday Deals and Planning (!!!!)
  • What's On MY Christmas List
  • How I plan for Christmas Gifts
  • Meal Planning and How It Has Helped Me Live A Healthier Life!
  • Updated Perfume Collection
  • Updated Makeup Collection
  • Updated Organization Binder (Including My Financial Planning!)

I'm also hoping to do a Day In The Life post or two because I love when Shay over at Mix and Match Mama does those! I also want to talk about my stockpile and how without my couponing lately I do still have a stockpile but how much it depleted. I also plan on moving out sometime in 2016 from my parents house (woohoo, about time!) So upcoming will be a moving series and how to stockpile for a new home. Along with that will be tons of posts as I put together my first place! :)

So many things are coming up guys and I hope you are excited to be a part of it! I will be updating you and back super soon I promise. I will definitely be setting aside time to blog because it's so important to me and I love having my little corner of the internet to share with you!

Have a great night loves!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day Clean Out Session

What do I do on a day off from work? Clean out my room of course!

I started with those baskets on my shelves that just seem to hold tons and tons of items inside. 

I was able to toss a few things along the way. Mostly expired medicine and things I had thrown in there from free samples that I didn't need. I was able to move a ton of items into better storage (future kitchen supplies for when I move out, and other random things that just didn't need to be accessed regularly)

I moved on to the storage space in the eaves of my bedroom. Inside I kept boxes of memorabilia, Christmas decorations and kitchen supplies. I had tons of old items from dance costumes, t-shirts from high school and college, and just a lot of items I didn't need anymore.

I ended up with a decent amount of items to get rid of! One bag of trash, two bags of clothes and three bins of memorabilia and kitchen stuff gone!

I always feel so much lighter after doing a big purging. Have you done any major cleaning lately?

Monday, October 5, 2015

August and September Birchboxes!

I am so far behind on everything you guys! My new job, my beach body business, and hanging out with friends and family has left time for not much else! Well except for birthday celebrations and football of course. I need to play some catch up over here on the blog because I have so much to share with you and note enough time to get the words out of my mouth! So as I sit here watching the Detroit/Seattle football game I'm going to bust out a post for you!

Now I haven't posted on my August or September Birchboxes and I should be receiving my October box soon so I want to make sure you hear about these products.

First, August...

I loved how this box looked, it was so cute! The samples inside were good size too which is so important with these sample boxes.

Air Repair makes a decent moisturizer. I have super dry, sensitive skin and this moisturizer neither worked wonders nor did it break me out. The moisturizer itself was pretty much unscented but I never know how I feel about putting something called acid on my face...I wouldn't repurchase this because my face didn't feel extra special after using it and there are other moisturizers that I prefer to this one- such as the Olay Moisturizer I'm currently using or the Neutrogena night repair which I'm also really enjoying.

I never lie to you guys, so here's the truth...This product is still sitting in my shower, untouched. I am a little nervous to try a self tanner- I have such pale skin it's going to be SO obvious I used one. Maybe in the winter when basically nobody will see my little pale legs and be able to tell I'll give this a try!

The Balm comes out with some adorable products and they always have great packaging and the best names. Take a dip is a gorgeous bronzer and is a little dark for my skin but I will use it in very small amounts. It is super pigmented too so there is no reason to grab more then just a little bit on that bronzer brush!

Death Valley is the greatest name ever for a dry shampoo. Truth. I love a good dry shampoo because if I wash my hair every day it would turn into Death Valley. My hair is naturally thick and dry, there is nothing that makes it worse then to wash it every single day. I use dry shampoo sparingly because I don't think it's great to douse your hair in it, but I found that this was a great one. This bottle is a decent size and I will be using it for quite awhile!

Everything Coola is fabulous. I had no idea they made products other then sunscreen so I was thrilled to get this makeup setting spray. I don't use setting spray a ton (I still have All Nighter by Urban Decay after ages!) but I love to use it on a night out when I don't want my makeup to budge. I feel comfortable using this any time of day and I love the brand Coola, they make a lot of awesome products!

My September box was another great one!

Getting perfume in my boxes is never my favorite sample. This perfume was okay, not something I would use every day, but okay. After one try I tucked it away with my other perfume samples. They will be great for travel or if I ever run out of perfume (hahahah. Oh wait, I have so much perfume I could fill a bath tub with it...)

Leave in cream is a must for this dry hair girl. This was a decent one, it made my hair feel pretty nice! I wouldn't feel the need to repurchase it though.

This was the sample I chose for the month when I was given a choice. I love eyeshadow, it's pretty sad how much I actually own, but I absolutely love the way eyeshadow looks. I wasn't a huge fan to end up with a purple shade, but I really like the sparkly gray. This palette could be used to create a nice look for a night out!

This Tocca scrub has been heaven on my dry, cracked feet! I love to use scrubs on my heels and this one is no exception. I think it's a light scent and I really don't smell the tulips or apples that it is supposedly scented as. I have used this multiple times and still have quite a bit left!

Last but not least, I love this concealer by trestique! I have been using it on my dark circles every day and it matches my skin so well! I don't do a lot of skin makeup, but this is something that I'm finding really works for me so I can definitely see myself repurchasing it in the future!

Those are the products I have been testing out lately- what beauty related products have you tried?!