Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day Clean Out Session

What do I do on a day off from work? Clean out my room of course!

I started with those baskets on my shelves that just seem to hold tons and tons of items inside. 

I was able to toss a few things along the way. Mostly expired medicine and things I had thrown in there from free samples that I didn't need. I was able to move a ton of items into better storage (future kitchen supplies for when I move out, and other random things that just didn't need to be accessed regularly)

I moved on to the storage space in the eaves of my bedroom. Inside I kept boxes of memorabilia, Christmas decorations and kitchen supplies. I had tons of old items from dance costumes, t-shirts from high school and college, and just a lot of items I didn't need anymore.

I ended up with a decent amount of items to get rid of! One bag of trash, two bags of clothes and three bins of memorabilia and kitchen stuff gone!

I always feel so much lighter after doing a big purging. Have you done any major cleaning lately?

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