Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Getting My Butt Back In Gear!

You guys I am the worst!

I really have meant to keep up with this precious blog of mine. Life has just gotten in the way. Completely in the way! Not only am I working full time, but I've taken on Beach Body as a second job, and am about to embark in my second season as a dance team coach which will be a third job. My to- do list is out of control, my days are filled with work, errands and spending time with loved ones. Life is GOOD!

However, this blog is SO important to me and I have been seriously neglecting it. So I'm going to make a public announcement right here, right now and share posts that will be coming up.

  • How I Organize My Beach Body Business
  • My Halloween Costume
  • My Anxiety and What I've Done To Try To Overcome It
  • Black Friday Deals and Planning (!!!!)
  • What's On MY Christmas List
  • How I plan for Christmas Gifts
  • Meal Planning and How It Has Helped Me Live A Healthier Life!
  • Updated Perfume Collection
  • Updated Makeup Collection
  • Updated Organization Binder (Including My Financial Planning!)

I'm also hoping to do a Day In The Life post or two because I love when Shay over at Mix and Match Mama does those! I also want to talk about my stockpile and how without my couponing lately I do still have a stockpile but how much it depleted. I also plan on moving out sometime in 2016 from my parents house (woohoo, about time!) So upcoming will be a moving series and how to stockpile for a new home. Along with that will be tons of posts as I put together my first place! :)

So many things are coming up guys and I hope you are excited to be a part of it! I will be updating you and back super soon I promise. I will definitely be setting aside time to blog because it's so important to me and I love having my little corner of the internet to share with you!

Have a great night loves!

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