Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kittens, Fall and Side Hustle!

Happy Hump Day Ya'll! 

Todays post is just a bunch of random photos from the last month to help you get through your Wednesday...

First up, Cooper.

Cooper belongs to my brother's girlfriend Nikki. She brought him over a few weeks ago and I loved playing with this little guy! He wasn't great at posing because he was so quick but he was so playful and curious.

This is my view out my office window every day. Well now the trees are a little bare- but I love having a window! My old offices never had windows I could see out of (my desk was always facing the other direction) but now I can see outdoors. Just the other day I saw a man wearing almost the same outfit as the hunter guy in Jumanji. No lie, it was awesome.

I have been loving driving down by the beach lately. The above pictures are from one of my favorite spots in Westerly Rhode Island. I swear that just sitting by the beach for a few minutes calms me down!

I attended Super Saturday for Beachbody with my coach Marcy. It was awesome to meet other people from my area who are interested in Beachbody and interact with other coaches! This is what I call my side hustle!

Oh I've been hanging out with Tim and Blue lately. Blue is the cat that lives at Tim's house, the last owners left her and her brother George there and they are the strangest but sweetest cats!

I've also been drinking Shakeology and watching softball.

Talking to cats through the window...

And staring out my window at work!

What have you been up to lately?

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