Monday, November 30, 2015

No Buy 2016!

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to take on the week! As we enter December I started really thinking about the amount of clutter I have and how even more will come in during the holiday. I am not a fan of clutter but it is inevitable with gifts coming in from family and friends. Not all clutter is bad, a lot of what I consider "clutter" is stuff I actually like and use, but some of it is just in the way! 

You all know I love organization and cleaning and am constantly struggling to keep my space up to date. I have found that even though I am pretty good about clearing out the clutter in other areas of my space, my beauty products tend to be hoarded. I don't want to be a hoarder. I have a serious problem. I can't leave Bath and Body Works without new lotion and candles. I can't walk past a Sephora and not sneak in to make a purchase.  I have ended up with a huge collection and it makes me feel sick! I don't use even half of it because every time I finish a product I buy three more to replace it!

I have made a decision that in 2016 I will be on a no buy. This means I will not purchase any beauty items in the year 2016. I will use up what I have and try to keep my empties bag full as I finish up products I already have. 

I have a few exceptions.

1. If I run out of a "type" of item entirely I will be purchasing it. For example if I run out of mascara, I am allowed to purchase a new one. 

2. Items not included are ones that are considered personal care: toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash.

3. Gifts are not included. If I am gifted a beauty item that is okay. This is simply to keep me from spending my OWN money on them.

4. If I have a free item coupon- I will be allowed to use it. I can bring items in if they are free. The purpose is to keep me from spending money so if I do get a free item I will be allowed to keep it. I however want to limit this and not be constantly bringing in free items.

5. My Birchbox doesn't count :) I'm not ready to give that up yet!

I thought I would take a few pictures to share why I am planning on completing this project...

I wear perfume every single day, but nobody needs quite this much! In addition to the perfumes above I also have Victoria's Secret PINK warm and cozy and another Victoria's Secret spray in Love Spell. I will do a full post on my perfume collection soon where I show you each bottle individually since you can't see all of them in the photo above, but I think we can all agree that I will never be able to use up all of these in my lifetime.
Is it terrible that I have my sights set on Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb perfume?! Yes, yes it is. I don't need it...but I want it so badly! Maybe in 2017 :)

I try not to crowd my dresser top, only keeping a few items here. I have my Lavanilla Coconut Vanilla deodorant, my new Pink Sugar hair perfume, and my Covergirl foundation and concealer. In with my makeup brushes you can just see my NYX mascara, Diorshow Maximizer Mascara Primer, and my Wet and Wild eyeliner.

On top of my Alex nine drawer I keep a Macademia leave in conditioner, a Sephora eye makeup remover,  and a few moisturizers. I have super dry skin so I like to keep moisturizer out and ready for when I get out of the shower.

In the top drawer I hold all my face products. I have cleansers, face masks, sunscreen, and a few sample size concealers. With the exception of a few full size products most of these came as samples in the mail or in my Birchbox.

Speaking of my perfume addiction- these are all my perfume samples in the first bin! Then I have concealers and BB and CC creams in the other two bins. For the most part they are all samples, I usually don't wear a ton of face products because my skin is so dry and sensitive.

Here is another problem area- eyeshadow. See the the little eye shadow at the bottom of the photo? The one that has hit some major pan? I have made it my mission to finish it, meaning I've been ignoring all my other eye shadows. I have made a small dent in my Naked palettes and used a few other random eye shadows- but for the most part this drawer just keeps getting filled and I don't touch most of it.
Despite not needing any more eyeshadow, I still lust over the Naked 3 palette anytime I'm in Sephora :)

This drawer houses all makeup removers, unused mascaras, eyeliners, and brow products. I don't hoard mascaras because I know how fast they get gross so this section isn't a problem area. Mascara is probably one of the few things I will need to repurchase in 2016 because I don't have a ton and generally only use one for about three months.

Lip products, bronzers, highlighters, and blushes. I use my Nars Laguna bronzer almost daily and often use Nars Orgasm blush as well. I have quite a few Cake Batter Chapsticks lined up to use, but most of the lipsticks and glosses don't get used very often. I am going to try to make an effort to use these during nights out or special events because I would like to see my collection paired down a bit.

I only have four hand sanitizers! Woohoo for a small collection in this area. I also have one that I'm working on in my purse.

This is my nail polish drawer and it is definitely smaller then it used to be. I want to make an effort to paint my nails and toenails more often in order to use some of the older colors up. I definitely don't need to purchase any nail polish because I think I have pretty much every color under the sun!

Just a drawer with q-tips and an extra deodorant. Don't worry, I combined some of these drawers together after these pictures :)

I had all my sample lotions and sample shower gels in this one drawer, but I decided to try to put all my lotions in one drawer and all my shower gels in another.

You know what I don't need more of? Lotions. This drawer is stuffed...and oh guess what, that's not all of them...

Yes, this bin has more! I have more lotion then I could use in my lifetime. I have a serious problem. I don't need another bottle, ever. So if you happen to see me in Bath and Body Works with my arms loaded with lotion please please please tell me no. Then you can take me to a lotion buyers anonymous support group, please and thank you.

Shower gels? Also a slight problem. Not quite as bad as lotion and honestly I've gotten quite a few from couponing but it's still pretty terrible. No more shopping for me!

Last but not least hair products. No these aren't shampoo and conditioner. This is just simply hair products such as hairspray, dry shampoo, dry conditioner, hair masks, and other products that I rarely use on my hair. Well I say rarely, however that Macademia mask in the back is my favorite thing ever and I use it almost every time I wash my hair. Most of the other products were freebies or Birchbox samples I tried once and never used again.

This post didn't include my shampoo and conditioner (which I am really really low on right now) or my candles and room sprays. However those will be included as well. I will be buying shampoo and conditioner as I go, but I already have far too many candles so I will just be using up what I have and not purchasing anything new until I have nothing left or the year is up!

Anyone want to join me on this No Buy 2016? I'm ready for a year of using up what I already have instead of constantly buying new things!

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