Sunday, December 20, 2015

An A-Team Christmas Party

Tonight was the second annual A-Team Christmas party!

(Almost) Every Wednesday I play trivia at a local bar, Wood River Inn with friends and we go by the name the A-Team. We actually do pretty well and win quite a bit which is fun. There are six of us on the team and last year we all exchanged gifts, but of course that gets pretty pricey. This year we decided to do secret santa and it was a ton of fun!

We watched some football and ate before exchanging gifts. Funny enough, it was all back and forth.
I had Brittni, Brittni had me.
Blythe had Jenna. Jenna had Blythe.
Stephen had Amy. Amy had Stephen.

Weird how it ended up like that!

Anyways, my present to Brit hasn't exactly arrived yet, so she will get it handed to her at work this week.

Thanks to Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers, I discovered this awesome shirt! Brit is giving birth to her first daughter Emma at the beginning of February and I thought this was a hilarious shirt from I also gave her the cutest, fluffiest ornament from Pier 1. 

Feather Snowman Ornament

How cute is he?!

I absolutely loved my gifts from Brittni. She knows me so well and got me things that I will use and love!

New England Ugly Sweater T-Shirt - chowdaheadz
 - 1

This Patriots ugly sweater t-shirt is awesome! I have been talking about wanting a Patriots ugly sweater for some time but they are super expensive so this t-shirt is perfect! She purchased it on which I've been browsing around seems like an awesome website to buy gifts on for any Boston sports fans!

Brit also got me a candle from Bath and Body Works called Dashing Through The Snow.  I have to say that although it is not a scent I would've picked out at the store for myself- I'm absolutely loving it. I'm burning it right now in sync with my Diamond Candle in gingerbread and the scents are so complimentary to each other! The scent description is green balsam, wintry musk, and the jingle of sparkling citrus. It definitely gives off that Christmas pine tree scent that I miss when we have an artificial tree!

After exchanging gifts we played a few rounds of Heads Up which is the super awesome Ellen Degeneres game. Amy pulled it up on her phone and we had fun seeing how good everyones acting skills were as we attempted to act out each word that popped up!

I hope you had an amazing weekend and if you attended any Christmas parties you had a great time. Have a great week and get excited...we are almost to Christmas!

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