Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015

I'm back to recap my Christmas with you guys! First off, Happy Birthday to my dad! We spent a nice night having dinner at the Matunuck Oyster Bar (where I had pasta of course- no seafood for me!) 

So here we go with the recap!

Tim and I had a busy busy Christmas! I worked Christmas Eve so as soon as I got out of work at 2 I headed straight home to my parents house where Tim met me for our family Christmas dinner. We has a nice ham dinner and spent some time playing Heads Up which my cousin Annabel loved. After a few hours everyone began to head home for Christmas Eve and we headed to Tim's parents house!

We had fun at Tim's parents house where we had a yummy dinner and played around with a selfie stick that was received during their Yankee Swamp. I participated and ended up with a $20 bill, which was pretty sweet!

Selfies in front of the tree. Just wait for the picture of just the tree- it's coming I promise!

Then it was time to head back to my parents house to go to sleep and get ready for Christmas Day!

In the morning we opened gifts with my parents and brother. I received so many nice things and enjoyed watching my family open the gifts I had chosen for them as well! I love Christmas morning and seeing what everyone opens up.

We headed to Tim's parents to open gifts there and have breakfast. It was fun watching his nephews Kason and Callan open their gifts, they were so excited about everything they received!

Tim was gifted with tickets to the Bruins Winter Classic on New Years Day so we have some exciting plans for this weekend!

Tim's family tree was hilarious. His brother Matt picked it out and brought it home. We all got some great laughs seeing that.

Tim showing off his new Greenbriar Electric t-shirt my dad gave him.

Blue was happy to have us back cuddling with her after Christmas!

Tim and I spent the weekend coloring in our new coloring books. It was a nice relaxing activity after the whirlwind of a holiday we had! I never thought I would be a coloring book kind of girl, but I really enjoyed spending some time just coloring away!

Ready for the Patriots game in my new ugly sweater t-shirt!

I received the two outside bracelets from my papa's girlfriend Vivian. The center bracelet is tri-metal bracelet that came in my new Popsugar Must Have Box! Tim got me a three month subscription and I'm so excited because there are so many cool things inside!

So that's how my Christmas was! How was yours?

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