Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas!

Every year I like to put together a little gift guide for Christmas so I thought I would share all my previous gift guides in one post as well as show you a few things that are on my Christmas list/ Wish list this year!

My 2014 Gift Guide

My 2013 Gift Guide

My 2012 Gift Guide

One of the main gifts I always recommend (as you can see at the links above) is candles! I absolutely adore a good smelling candle. I can highly recommend Bath and Body Works candles because I have used them for years.
Bath & Body Works, 'Tis The Season

Tis the Season is an amazing scent! It's great for a Christmas gift for anyone!

Other favorites I would recommend are:

Leaves (not a winter scent I know!)
Vanilla Snowflake
Vanilla Bean Noel

Other candle companies that are awesome:

Diamond Candles
Yankee Candle

This year a gift I may give myself is a Dyson vacuum!

Isn't she beautiful?!

I'm sure you already know based on my blog that I enjoy a clean and organized home and I've been dreaming of owning a Dyson for years. There is no vacuum on the market that performs like a Dyson and after using my moms for years- I think it may be time to splurge on one for myself. I got a new job and a raise so I think I might have earned it right???

The nutribullet is something I have asked my parents to gift me this year. I will be using this to make my Shakeology each day which I'm super excited about. I am not a huge fan of the blender here so I can't wait to have my own to use each day.

This would be a great gift for anyone who does Beachbody or a similar program!

I have been crushing on these boots ever since I saw them on Sam's instagram. Sam from SimplyOrganized showed these off on her things I love post and I am a huge fan! I can't justify the splurge on these right now but I might have to before they disappear because they are adorable! You can find them over at Nordstrom (they are called Leandra) and would look adorable with any outfit!

Other items I love gifting?

I am a sucker for gift cards. I know, super lame, however I think that gift cards allow the gift recipient to pick up something they will actually use and love. I know that I'm particularly picky when it comes to decor for my house, clothes that I wear, and pretty much everything so I would prefer someone just give me a gift card so I can pick out something I actually like.

A good bath and body set is always appropriate for any women in your life. I have an abundance of lotion and shower gel and am actually going on a product no-buy in the new year but I know it's something women always appreciate getting!

I love experience type gifts as well. Anything that you can do together such as a sporting event, a vacation, etc is great because it will be a super memorable gift. I'm super excited to be giving a gift to Tim this year that we will get to enjoy in March! (He already knows what it is- if he reads this then it won't ruin a surprise)

The last thing I love to gift is ornaments. I think it's an awesome gift to give to anyone in your life. There's always something memorable about the year- whether it's a movie that you loved or a trip you took- there's always something you can add to your tree. I love picking out ornaments for friends and family and seeing them on their tree year after year!

What are you gifting for Christmas? What's on your wish list?

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