Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Declutter Before Christmas!

It's complicated.:

It's that time of year again ya'll, the time when new items will enter your house quickly. From cards to gifts to food, the holidays have no mercy. With everything new coming into your house where will it go? Do you have room for all your new things amongst all of the old? My best suggestion is to declutter before you bring the new items in!

This past weekend I spent some time working on decluttering before new items entered my home for Christmas time. Here are some areas to focus on in the next week before Christmas!


I like to go through my closet pretty regularly but especially before Christmas when I know I'll be getting some new items. I find that it's easier for me to get rid of an older pair of worn out jeans when I know I'll be receiving a new pair soon. This is also a great time to evaluate what you might need for your wardrobe. If you are going to be receiving gift cards or money for Christmas you'll know what clothing items you are looking for and not bring in a bunch of new things you don't need or really want. 

Food Storage

Go through your fridge! With all the holiday leftovers and treats make sure that you don't have any expired items in that fridge. Do the same with your freezer and pantry and know what you have.


I don't have kids of my own but I have heard the horror stories of trying to get kids to donate items. One of my favorite bloggers, Shay, says that after her kids see all their Christmas presents she locks them up and then has them each fill a bag with old toys to get rid of before they can have access to their new toys. I'm sure that works awesome but if you're looking to get rid of a few things before Santa brings those mounds of toys I would pack up the toys that your kids don't play with and hide them for a little while. Anything they haven't missed will be safe to donate!

Makeup/ Products

I just went through all of my products and it was great to get rid of things I don't use. There were so many makeup products that I had gotten for free couponing that I knew I would never use, I managed to get those cleared out which gives me a clutter-free feeling!

Decor Items

When I pull out Christmas decor I like to go through all of it and get rid of anything I don't absolutely love anymore. I try not to be super sentimental because anything that you don't enjoy looking at you shouldn't feel forced to keep! I go through other decor regularly too, if you aren't using and loving it- get rid of it!

Paper and Sentimental Items

It's almost time to start a new year so get rid of those files you no longer need so you can start the year off with a blank slate. I recently went through all my old greeting cards and found so many that didn't have anything other then signed names inside. I don't need to hold onto every single card I have, just the ones that are really important to me! 

So there you go, get decluttering! I'm going to go through everything one more time before Christmas to make sure I don't have anything that I don't need, so get on it!

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