Monday, January 25, 2016

A Day In The Life!

Well how did we end up back at Monday?! I hope you all enjoyed the snowy (or not so snowy where you are) weekend and are ready for the week to begin. I decided last week to do a day in the life post inspired by Mix and Match Mama (Shay Shull). I love when she shares what a typical day looks like for her. Last Wednesday I decided to take part and share a typical day for me from beginning to end. It was a pretty boring day, nothing terribly exciting but here we go!

7:35 and time to leave for work! I keep my morning routine really simple- get dressed, pack my lunch, do my morning makeup/brush teeth/ etc and then I'm off to work.

On my way in I stopped for a coffee at Dunkin. I often stop to get coffee so I can keep my energy up throughout the day.

Some views of my office- nothing too exciting. My coffee and chapstick and my bulletin board with pictures of some of my favorite people! I haven't done too much decorating since I moved into my new office but I'm trying to make it a little more homey.

Here's just a glimpse at my planner for this particular week and January. I love using the different colored labels to keep track of different events throughout the month.

Around 3:08 I was pretty much done with being at work. Do any of you hit that afternoon slump?

After work I headed to Home Depot to make a key for Tim,

Then to TJMaxx to buy a new purse with a gift card,

and Walmart to buy plastic bins for storage.

I also stopped at Stop and Shop to pick up some groceries and then went to Trivia at Wood River Inn.

I had a delicious meal of penne vodka pasta with spinach and a tollhouse cookie pie for dessert. Yum! We actually tied for first this week, but lost the tie breaker and ended up with second place. I love going to trivia each week, it's always a good time.

Once I got home it was shower time. Here I am with my turbie twist, the best invention for wet hair ever!

I put away a few things I had bought that day, particularly the storage bins in my closet...and....

In bed by 11:16! That's my from beginning to end. Nothing exciting, but that's a day in my life. I hope you enjoyed!

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