Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Making Room For Tim: Part 1

I mentioned last week in my What's Coming blog post that Tim was moving in and I needed to start making room for him. So I spent a night last week re-arranging the furniture. I am one of those girls who cannot wait for anyone else to help me and insists on dragging the furniture around on my own. So here is an updated room tour:

I'm lucky to have a pretty spacious bedroom, however my queen size bed takes up quite a bit of room.  By rotating my bed this direction, Tim gets something he wanted- being sideways to the tv. This is apparently very important in boy-land!

I switched my bookshelf and cube storage so the tv would be lower (again- apparently important in boy-world) and although I don't love the setup it is only temporary until we move out into our own place in May. Notice on the bookshelf there are significantly less there! I got rid of so many photo albums which has not only saved me space but has allowed me to organize my photos in a way that makes so much more sense.

Here's a view of one side of my closet, we will get into the dresser in just a minute.

I moved all of my tanktops up onto my dress rack, so now I only take up half of the low hanging rack. I didn't end up getting rid of anything, I simply just rearranged items for now.

A different view of my closet, I have folded clothes on the second shelf now and my shoes are all grouped onto the top shelf. There is definitely more organization I can do, but that will come with time and I'm sure once Tim brings everything of his here I may be doing some more organization.

I emptied out three of my dresser drawers! I have two drawers on the top filled with my items, but everything else has room for Tim's clothes!

You saw on Monday during my Day In The Life post that I purchased some plastic organizers for Tim's clothes so hopefully we will have all the space we need. Once we move out I will be looking for permanent furniture, but for now plastic will do!

When you moved in with your boyfriend/girlfriend did you have to do a bunch of organizing? What was the hardest part of moving in together?

I hope you are all having a great day and I'll be back with some Friday Favorites later in the week!

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