Thursday, January 21, 2016

Photo Organization and Declutter

My goal is to have a clutter-free life where only the things I truly need and love are in my home. Well, I have always loved taking pictures, however, lately the pictures began to take over! I had fifteen or so thick photo albums and boxes full of photos and cards, and quite honestly I was not interested in holding onto them anymore. I still wanted the photos, but not the physical piles and shelves that they were overtaking. So I took them apart. I spent time pulling every picture out of every album. Then I sorted. For days. Until my room looked like this:

Super stressful right?! But, things have to get worse before they get better! I ended up purchasing a scanner off of Amazon, and it showed up and didn't work! So I sent that one back and ordered a Kodak scanner instead, which has worked beautifully. It only scans 4x6 and smaller, but that was the majority of my photos anyways. I can use my flatbed scanner for any photos that are larger.

In the past few weeks I have managed to scan every picture I had, every ticket stub, and other important items that I wanted to save. Now my goal is to finish scanning the larger photos and then start working on photo books. I would prefer to have photo books on a shelf instead of huge scrapbooks and photo albums. It will look simpler and completely uniform unlike all those bulky albums I once had. I will take you along for the process as I put all my pictures into albums and show how much nicer it will all look on my bookshelves.

How do you organize your photos? Do you have boxes full of printed photos?

Oh! For those of you concerned about losing photos on the computer, I do have them all backed up onto an external hard drive! I learned my lesson years ago :)

Have a great day everybody!

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