Sunday, January 17, 2016

Providence Bruins, Hiking Trip, and a Pats Win!

Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying what's left of your weekend and if you have Monday off as well- enjoy it! While I'm sitting here with a heating pad on my shoulder and neck wishing that I had tomorrow off I thought it would be a good time to catch you up on what happened this weekend!

Friday at work a small group of us participated in #Dstrong which is a movement for a local boy name Dorian who is diagnosed with cancer. They have chosen to stop treatment since it wasn't working and his one wish is to be famous around the world. If you are reading this please post a picture of yourself with the hashtag Dstrong from wherever you are- it would mean the world to this little boy.  To read his story click here.

On Friday night I took my high school dance team to perform at the Providence Bruins.

They did a great job and I was so proud of them!

Doreen and I always have a blast doing these events together.  It was a great night but we were super tired by the time we arrived back at the school.

Saturday I spent working on a project I will be sharing with you this week. It was a very low key day watching my Pats win!

Then today, I headed off on a hike with my papa, both my uncles, my cousin Andrew, and my brother Dan.

It was chilly but was a nice hike around Beach Pond. I haven't been on a hike in quite awhile so it was nice to get out and move around. However right after this picture was taken I slipped down a little hill and fell flat on my back. (Hence sitting here with a heating pad on my shoulder and neck)
I hit my head on a rock a little bit which wasn't fun but I'm doing alright and continued on our hike with little trouble- just soreness in my right shoulder.

We stopped to cook some hotdogs and chat with one another and it was especially nice to see Andrew who is in the navy. We haven't seen him since last Christmas so it was great to hear what he's been up to!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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