Friday, February 19, 2016

Freebies and Belated Gifts

Oh hey it's Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? Sometimes I think that short weeks end up being the longest!

Today I wanted to share with you some freebies I received in the mail recently as well as a few beauty items I've received lately. 

I love ordering free samples through because it is so easy! This dove shampoo and conditioner set came in the mail the other day and although the samples do take quite some time to actually arrive, they always show up! I love a good shampoo and conditioner sample set!

Pinchme is also a great platform for free samples. I received two boxes in the mail last week. They were filled with Truvia, dog food, tampons, and shower gel. I always sign up for any samples that I can and I share the things I don't need or use with friends or family.

My friend Kristin and I exchanged Christmas gifts last week and she gave me a whole slew of beauty products!

I love a good Lush bath bomb so I'm super excited to use that soon. The scrub Kristin says is awesome so I'm pumped to see how great it works. You also know I can't resist a great candle, and I love that she threw in the Lush sample of Dream Cream because that's one of my favorite products ever!

Do you have any new products? Free samples? Share your recent faves in the comments?!

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