Thursday, February 4, 2016

Making Room For Tim: Part 2

Last week was crazy trying to get everything packed and moved from Tim's house to my house. He did a ton of sorting of his belongings and managed to get rid of quite a bit of clothing! He sent me a couple pictures of his packing process.

When I came home last Thursday afternoon I found these boxes ready to be unpacked. You'll see the true size of the bigger box a little further down the post. These boxes took me quite awhile to unpack but it was nice to see some progress!

By the end of Thursday night we had quite a bit completed!

I also showed how truly big the box Tim had packed his clothes in was by sitting inside it. Photo courtesy of Tim's snapchat.

On Friday we took a break from moving. Tim won his softball league- I have never seen him not win a softball season! :)

On Saturday I took a whole car load of Tim's items to my house. Here's what his room was looking like on Saturday morning before finishing packing my car.

Not much left there! We had a bit of finishing up to do on Sunday but the majority of Tim's stuff was either already at my house or in the car. We only had a few things left to transport including his tv and  mattress (which will be going into storage until we move out)

A car full of stuff! The bag behind me is actually a bag of donations, I was very proud of how much Tim donated!

Part three, the final edition is coming soon! :)

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