Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Making Room For Tim: Part 3

Welcome to the final installment of Making Room For Tim! We've officially been living together for a week and a half and so far so good! I'm not used to taking care of anyone other then myself so it's different to have extra laundry, things moved when I get home, and piles of dirt on the floor *ahem* (that was for you Tim if you are reading this!) but I'm enjoying having my best friend around every day. I like knowing that we come home to the same place every day and love having extra time with him that we didn't have when we lived apart. 

So, last we left off I had moved a large portion of his stuff into my room, but there were still a few things to move. Once I got the huge boxes Tim brought over unpacked and unloaded a car-load of items this is what my room looked like:

On Sunday we had a few last minute things to get from his room. Here's what his room was looking like on Sunday 1/31:

 Blue didn't want him to leave!


Last looks at his former home as we drove away!

I picked up some containers and coffee scoops from Walmart for his coffee.

Made some room in the linen closet for his Eagles blankets...

Gave him some room in the shower....

Made room for his toothbrush...

And displayed some of his sports stuff!

It's official- we're living together :)

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