Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentines Day Weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day weekend! We kicked things off around here on Friday as soon as I got out of work.

I came home to a beautiful rose and two sweet cards. I gave Tim his lottery bouquet and some candy with a card. Then we took off to head out for our Valentines dinner!

We ended up going to Marchetti's in Cranston, RI which I had never heard of but I'm so thankful that Tim suggested it because it was amazing! We waited for an hour and a half which was a bit of a long wait and learned that reservations are 100% the way to go if you want to have dinner within an hour of entering the restaurant!

Once we sat down we were given bread with oil for dipping and a huge garden salad. We placed our orders and quickly filled up on bread and salad while we waited. I chose a penne vodka dish and Tim chose Chicken Siciliano. Both of us loved our dishes and loved that we had extra to take home as leftovers! The prices were very reasonable as well and I would highly recommend Marchetti's as a great place to visit if you are in the area!

On Saturday Tim had to work so I spent the majority of the day running errands and getting things done. I spent some time at the mall and Kohls picking up items we will need when we move out of here in May. Then I got ready because once Tim got out of work we planned on heading to the casino.

Sweater: Kohls/ Tanktop: Lauren Conrad via Kohls/
Jeans: American Eagle/ Necklace: Aeropostale

We met up with Tim's former roommate and few of their friends and spent some time in Shrine the club in Foxwoods casino. I am not a huge fan of clubbing, never have been but I did actually have a good time. I thoroughly enjoy people watching! We walked around a little bit after leaving the club, had dinner in the food court and walked through the new indoor outlets. I desperately want to go back to the outlets during the day and do some serious shopping!

On Valentines Day (Sunday) we spent a glorious morning sleeping in! Once we finally woke up and got going it was lunch time so we headed out to grab coffee and then made our way to the Mews Tavern (the spot of our first date and a place we frequent!).

We both had french onion soup and then I ate part of a pink panther calzone, and Tim ate a few slices of a chicken parm pizza. Another meal with leftovers!
After lunch we visited Tim's parents for a few minutes before heading home to relax before he had to work.

Lucky for me I also have today (Presidents Day) off from work so it was a nice three day weekend over here! I enjoyed every second of Valentines Day weekend and hope you did too!

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